Sunday goals report

My weekly report

I am not following any particular premade plan, it is fulfilment of a rough objectives I've set for myself, a "feel good, look what you achieved in general and this week" list:

  • this week I've managed to properly walk and Actifit report for 5 days (~54km whole week excluding Sunday) - I am slowly approaching 5000km mark in total.

    The rough imaginary visualisation of the distance I walked (I haven't walked this route - actually I am walking in my local park) would be this:

  • I've managed to write a weekly trip report from last week little journey to Waddesdon Manor ( @godhatesusall/trip-to-waddesdon-manor-uk ) and it has decent amount of likes, although no big curators yet

  • we went for another small trip yesterday which gives me material for another mini article next weekend

  • I continue to play Skyweaver card game and it seems I am on verge of getting to a rank where I would get a gold card. With a bit of luck I am gonna get it

  • I continue reading books (although I slowed down) - I am on 7th book right now

  • I've managed to set up emulators and video grabber for my mini project about Commodore 64 and retro games that I am planning to do on my main account, I've also made a first post ( @ghua/yfpliubk )

  • I am still on a hunt for a good curators and communities, so please let me know if you know any that would be interested in my posts😍

Have a great Sunday❤️


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