Portugal Seeds adoption pilot

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Following is a link to a podcast interview I had with @Escobar from DHO Tell the other day where we talk about news and updates in our long term ongoing Seeds adoption pilot within our local communities. we also discuss an idea for our way forward. an idea that is already becoming a proposal and will be soon shared with the Seeds community and hopefully will be up for vote by the next new moon, so stay tuned.


and this is a link to a post about our local initiative from about six months ago:


I would like to take this opportunity to say that Seeds Library is again up and running and it as an amazing source of information about what Seeds actually is.
it is packed full with articles, videos and podcasts and there is more coming every day so feel free to check it out here: www.seedslibrary.com

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I listened to the podcast and read your post of 6 months ago. I remember having been in touch, briefly, months ago ( possibly via @clareartista ? ) due to both of us living in Portugal.

I would love to get in touch, to find out if I can make the use of SEED happen in my area/ community, one way or another, after my return to Portugal ( from The Netherlands.

Um abraço!

Hi @vincentnijman,
yes it was indeed @clareartista that connected us.
if I remember correctly you are in the area of Ávo...?
I would be so happy to catch up for that. it is exactly what my work is all about, inspiring more to join in.
let me know when ever you are back and ready.
for the meantime, you can have a look here: https://joinseeds.earth/ this is the official website and there is a fair bit of info in it.
stay safe.

I look forward to hearing the podcast, thanks for the link. I have been collecting seeds for a while now, it's so important that we hold on to them and try and protect heritage seeds as well. They are the best currency xxxx

The seeds you talk about are the most important thing on our planet, and living on the land, such a big part of what we do all year long.
the Seeds I write about are called after them. they are crypto tokens backed by a global community who creates tools and ways to build communities and break free from the broken system.
we use them as an alternative to main stream currencies as a way to exchange energy. no IVA involved and supporting regenerative projects around the globe voted for by the community citizens.
you can see more here: https://joinseeds.earth/

Ah this is so great, we created our own currency here, it's called Arco, it was created when the plandemic happened, for the very same reasons as you say. I look forward to learning more from your link. Thanks @bigorna1 xxx

nice. good to know.
is Arco still being used ? has it got popularity ?
where is it being used ?
I´d also love to hear more.

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