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Only the second day, as the spring warmth came to us. Today was a surprisingly sunny day, although the forecast promised rain. But at night it was raining heavily, and during the day nature decided to take a break. The weather was favorable for the walk.

I went for a walk along my favorite route. Where there are more corners of nature. How nice to look at the green grass and the first spring flowers. The colors so bright and vibrant.


My route ran along the bank of a small river with a cute name Orlik. Most of all I love this place. Where is the high rocky shore, and below the path. A few years ago there was a place overgrown with grass and the path was barely visible. But volunteers have ennobled this place and now you can walk freely there.


The river is modest and the place is modest. But people like to come here to relax.


I love walking along the river in sunny weather. Always admire the reflections in the river.


These are the places that are not rolled into concrete and asphalt are dear to me.


I can't stop admiring the spring freshness of the grass.


The sky was very beautiful today. Cumulus clouds walked across the blue sky like masters.


I'm going to the Noble Nest park.


Back in 1903, in this place, the Society of Fine Arts held concerts and performances during the warm season. And nearby there were events described in the novel of the great Russian writer I.S. Turgenev "Noble Nest". Therefore, the adjacent park got its name.


And this is a bust of I.S. Turgenev. He was born in my region. For some time he lived in the city of Orel. Here he wrote some works.


And in this gazebo, Turgenev's girls ran on dates.


This is such a modest but pleasant corner.


I went out to Oktyabrskaya street. In ancient times this street was called Verkhne-Dvoryanskaya. The local nobility lived in this place in the old days. There are some old buildings on this street. The great Russian writer N.S. lived in this house. Leskov. Now in this house in his honor a museum. But now the museum is under reconstruction.


At this point, Oktyabrskaya Street is crossed by Leskova Street. The name of the street was in honor of the writer N.S. Leskov. in our city, writers-compatriots are honored at all times.


This is a continuation of Oktyabrskaya Street. But I'll go over it a bit. In fact, this street goes on far.



I will also show you the building of the House of Political Education of the Regional Committee of the CPSU, built in 1959. It is considered a historical architectural monument.


Now I turned onto Victory Boulevard.


A small fountain has already been launched.


And this is the view from the back.


From Pobedy Boulevard I get to Saltykov-Shchedrin Street. The name of this street is also in honor of the writer. He mentioned our city in his works.


Next to this street is Lenin Square. My way home runs through this square.


Here is a better view of the area.


The building on the right is the local drama theater named after I.S. Turgenev. The city hall is visible behind the theater building.


Opposite the theater on the right is a hotel.


And this is a walking city street of Lenin. It remains to pass through this street and I will be at home.

Thanks for walking with me. I went for a walk one way, and returned another. Walked with me around the city of Orel.


красивые панорамные фото! это вы все сама? очень здорово!

Спасибо. Да, сама.


Hello dear friend @galca good afternoon
I appreciate that you let us know these beautiful places where you have done your walk; Excellent shots.
Thank you very much for showing us these beautiful images.
Have a beautiful afternoon


What a lovely walk - I love the colours on the buildings - thanks for sharing !

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Sure looks like a beautiful day in such a beautiful area
Love the reflections especially

Thanks for joining Wednesday Walk :), I truly enjoy exploring the world virtually each Wednesday seeing walks from all around the globe and feeling I am there and experiencing it all myself, such as I did in your post just now :)


Yay! 🤗
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