Have a walk at Laswit Beach Resort

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Hi Wednesday walkers....

As time goes by, we didn't have a chance to meet everyday with my old friends here. We have a walk at Laswit Beach Resort yesterday with my old friends. It's just near only for us, about 5 minutes away. I've got puzzled whats the occasion lol. Phoebe Jan said "I just want to see you guys". How touchy! She just smiled and say "be there okay?". We just talked via videocall at Facebook messenger last Monday.


Upon approaching the resort I've seen this one at the road. Wow so nice! Another renovation happened in this area. We're not always here with my friends because of the rocky road also. So the nice views can barely attract us, in every corner is so amazing.

God is so powerful that everything is perfect. I always admired the beauty of our nature here in my place that even were just a barangay. People really preserved it, so salute all the business owners in our town.



The entrance...

I never expect that the resort can have a lot of guests because it's weekdays. Whenever I want to capture the entrance without a photobombers, I'm always failured hahaha. I've noticed something at the cottages, did you see it guys?

Here's some of the words at the cottages:
1.) Friend zone
2.) Iring-iring(it's bisaya dialect) (affair😁)
3.) Walang kayo(it's Tagalog words) (you have nothing)
4.) Sana all(it's a kind of praising)
5.)Pinasaya(cheered up)

Don't know how to react with this strategy of the resort but one thing I'm sure "they nailed it😁". This kind of words are really famous here especially to those have a secret affair lol. Nowadays people are really different from my days. I am a batang 90's, my fellow Filipinos writer here know this famous phrase.





When I entered the resort this swimming pool really catch my big eyes lol. Oh wow! What a nice pool, though it's a simple only but the kids really have fun. Actually it's my very first time to be here in a new renovation part. I really stared every corner in that resort. It's really improved huh. Salute to the owners!

When I was in highschool were always here with my classmates, friends and family but it's just a simple beach only. We can put our foods in a sand with a piece of cloth and have some lunch after swimming. Simple life but full of happiness that can be treasured forever.




(Mhe and Necel🤗)

Since I'm a latecomer always, they just left me some foods like pansit, spaghetti from Jollibee, shrimps,some hotdogs and breads. They've been there at the resort around 9am then me at 1am, so funny right hahaha. They understand my reason so they just wait me about few hours before we start, we have some plans that must be discussed.




Here comes our groupie shots! From left to right is Macai, Phoebe Jan(sleeveless), mhe and Necel. It's just one of our friend is not around, it's Cristine. She's living already at Cebu City. I have a lot of friends to be counted but it's few only that can be trusted but this group is highly tested already.

We've been friends since highschool and they are always on my blogs then they knew it also. They don't like blogging but they always support me when it comes in my blogging.

The big rocks at the beach...






I loved watching the waves along with the big rocks. The shore is clean though the giant rocks on the shore is quite challenging, are you scared? Definitely it's not. Must be extra careful if you want to sit down and explore the beauty of the beach.

If only I could stay here for good I'll be more thankful. I really want a house that near only at the beach. What a big dream. The beach is not always a place, sometimes it's a feeling. One of the best medicine for me, especially when I was down. Then after that I'm a bit okay.

The cottages...





The nipa hut cottages with a bamboo table. One thing I've been shocked after I ask them how much is the rent. It's 300php($5.28). Wow! It's quite expensive for me. Why oh why? But Phoebe Jan said "don't mind it because I already pay it". My generous fried don't mind the price hahaha, sana all!


Around 3pm, Necel ask permission to go home because she need to feed his chickens at home. She's always like that hahaha. So mhe, Macai and Phoebe Jan left at the resort. We've been planning a beach outing soon, not in our place. A bit far. I didn't promised for now but I'll try my very best.

That's all for todays blog and this is my entry to #Wednesdaywalk to Laswit Beach Resort hosted by @tattoodjay and #makemesmile by @elizacheng. Have a blessed Wednesday to all.

September 13,2023
7:10 pm


The fighter mom,


Very beautiful beach and don't we all wish we had that house right near one. I agree it has that I don't want to leave it vibe. Yum yum pansit.

Speaking of that I went and got some at my favorite restaurant yesterday. Something happened there yesterday, the owner came up to me and asked if I was an author. I said I blog a little than she brought over a phone and showed picture of me, haha. She thanked me for writing and saying good things about her place. My first local fan. Filipinos everywhere and someone here with Hive as they don't have accounts. Small world !HUG

Thank you Bob and I really loved beach. Yummy pansit of course😁...

Oh my! Give me a hug for her, please..please...and extend my warmest regards from me🤗. Filipinos are really awesome and 100% loyal. Congrats for youe first local fan lol. Thanks for the hug again...

Dear @jeansapphire, you just got hugged.
I sent 1.0 HUG on behalf of @coolmidwestguy.

The cottages names are unique but mapanakit 😂

Diba taray hahaha. Namemersonal sya sis nho😁..

The name of the resort sounds kinda funny, tita, but the place looks amazing. You had lots of food too. Made me hungry.

It's really funny, it's because it's laswitan actually. Don't know with the owner, a kind of joker hahaha. Yes the place is very nice and here's our foods again that makes you hungry Nani hehehe.

Thanks Nani🤗🤗🤗...

such a beautiful beach and area to spend time with your friends

Thanks for joining the Wednesday Walk :)

Thank you so much and it's my honor to join. Have a nice day.


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Thank you so much @hivebuzz...

Stay focused @jeansapphire! You're making great progress towards your Hive goals.

It's good that you were finally able to get together with your friends, dear friend @jeansapphire, you have chosen a very nice place to do it.
Beautiful photographs of the place, it looks like they had a lot of fun, thank you very much for sharing this experience
have a beautiful morning

Hello @jlufer...Thanks for the compliment and I really appreciate it. That place is like paradise also, I really love nature.

Have a nice morning there and good evening here in the Philippines.

Endless beach fun, sis Jean!!!!