Wednesday Walk: Everything Is So Simple!

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It's Wednesday again. It's time to walk not only on my favorite paths in my new home, Xylokastro, but also through my life. Life is just who we are. And the celebration does not need special dates - every morning can be special! Every morning is a gift that we can't waste. I celebrate the most beautiful holiday - Today!

When you follow your own path, you have no time or desire to count the mistakes or shortcomings of others. And you don't see the point in doing that... Because there is no one who is righteous in everyone's eyes. And there is no one who was born knowing how to do everything in advance.

We walk and stumble. We stand up and then, we go again. We are wrong. We correct it. That's life! Our real life without thought out images and makeup. And only the one who has forgotten himself, who has not seen his inner face in the Mirror of the World for a long time, is brave to judge, condemn, blame. Showing a stain on another's garment, he does not see how much dust has settled in his own shadow.

(This was our Christmas Tree in Xylokastro. Photo was taken before New Year.)

And everything is so simple!
We should live our lives and let others live their lives.
We should do our work and don't disturb others.
We should see our shortcomings and learn to accept them without judgment, and, if we can, correct them.
We should stop looking for enemies among our close friends.
And we should not let the criticism of others slow down our steps!
Let's just live!

When we begin to live our own lives, we simply has no time left for criticism and analysis of others. And when you dare to see yourself without beautification, you don't even have the desire to dig into other people's faults anymore.

Life from a child's point of view - to illuminate others' nonsense like with a candle. Living from an adult position - minding your own business. When I realized this, how easy life became. Own path, only own...and looking only at myself. These were my thoughts while I walked the paths of my little town - Xylokastro.

And what about the paths I love to walk here? I enjoy every minute of my presence here, but I think we made a mistake moving here for a winter. I expected a warmer climate, and we got winds. We also got a lot of rain here. Just no minus temperature as in my native country. But living in the Canary Islands, for example, I could swim in the sea all year round. Here, in Xylokastro, I stopped doing it long ago. Flowers are still blooming here and tangerines are growing on the trees, but I still long for more sun and warmth. But I still love my long walks along the sea.

Most often I go for a walk with my children as our dad is busy with his work. My children add a special charm to our walks.


With love, @madeirane
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