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There is a saying that music can change the world because it can change people. But apparently not everyone listens to good music. Or it does not affect everyone. Because the world doesn't seem like a very great place.

And yet there are good things here... One of them is music. Also - books. Laughter, love, friendship. Good faithful hearts. The beauty of nature, animals. Art... And hope still lives here. And walks, long walks that caress the soul, revive the heart and again give strength to continue the journey through this difficult life.

Life there, in the homeland, would be like a white fairy tale now, and walks - when the cold pinches your cheeks. Through the snow-covered trees, the cold, searching eyes of winter would look at you. White eyelashes, tiny pupils like poppy seeds. It looks like winter itself is a drug...

You could hear the snow crunching under the soles of your shoes... A snowy life is good: laughter is quieter, pain is softer, sleep is deeper, steps are slower. And the sky is closer to the earth. Yes, sometimes gray, but still... Snow would fall from the branches, it would fall down on my hat. It feels as if someone is quietly saying: all that was good is not just memories. It is a light that still shines.

(This is photo from my homeland, made by me a couple years ago).

And life here, in Greece, gives quite different experiences. The weather seems warm and not much different from summer in my country. The sun caresses my cheeks incessantly. I laugh that soon I will be able to sunbathe.

The sea is calming, its quiet waves, which I can hear even through the open windows, entice me to take a walk and meditate. And I'm going. Again and again, I enjoy the opportunity to re-explore the unknown world that now surrounds me. It seems that every day I see it is different, and the colors are different. I can't stop marveling at the fruits still hanging on the branches of trees, blooming flowers, when my sister sends photos full of snow from the home. It now looks like a distant land.

In the evening, I decided to find the villa of the legendary Greek composer Mikis Theodorakis, which was not too far from my house. It is true that it is impossible to fall into it, but the wall is also worth seeing and exploring. This miracle is located on the seashore between Corinth and Kiato.

I returned home, walking by the sea again, and of course, sunset accompanied me as always.

The sea opens up to me again today like eternity. I dive into its new wave today, so that it fills me with courage and inspiration to live. Without courage, we turn into jellyfish, without inspiration - the wreckage of a long-lost ship.

The sea lives in its own rhythm, like the whole earth. We just need to fit its rhythm, living and breathing together with all creation, accepting everything as it is, and not foaming with resentment or anger that something is wrong. Yes, everything is always as it should be. Either you live in reality as it is, or in illusions as it should be.


With love @madeirane
Photos are taken by me.
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Wooooo! The second last photo in the post! It's breath taking. It feels like there is gold on the sky and gold stones on the earth.

When I started reading the post it felt like I was taking a meditation class, beautiful and relaxing words diving into my ears telling me to feel the peace.

As I proceeded there were more thoughtful things to ponder on.

How mysterious it is that we dwell a certain place forlong but there is always something that is unexplored. When we get to know about it we are like how we missed it for that long a time.

This morning #Dreemport brought me to this beautiful post.

Have a lovely weekend with your SUN.

This is a beautiful breathtaking post and full of soul. I love your heart. I see it through your words and it is just beautiful. Those pictures are amazing and they tell a story… I can even feel the crisp breeze and the cold air from the sea. I could hear those crunches from the snow.


I love your photos 🤩🥰
They are so beautiful.

Indeed music does magic to the body,soul and mind.

The sceneries are really beautiful and I felt it when you said the world isn’t even a great place.
So many things keep on changing the world.
I’m sure you found solace in that sunset,extremely beautiful.
I also find so much peace when the ocean opens up to me


The sea is so calming so soothing!

I have lived close to the sea almost all my life in various countries. It is breathtaking, nature is the most wonderful thing we have!

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