It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas 🎄

Christmas time is my favorite time of the year.
Cozy decorations everywhere, Christmas music in every restaurant, the scent of gingersnap in the kitchen..😍

But do you agree, that it’s harder to feel that holiday atmosphere without snow?
That’s why I’m so happy this December: winter came with a lot of snow!

On my way home from work I always walk near the biggest city hotel and through park. This time wasn’t exception.
Just look at this beauty, isn’t it really the most wonderful time of the year?😍


All this snow fell during only one day🤭




It was so cold outside, so I couldn’t control myself and ordered a cup of herbal tea with lemon and honey. Taste wonderful in such weather!


Than I came into cozy grocery not far from my home to by some food for dinner. But wine looked more attractive to take a photo :)


And finally I saw this interesting mural with portraits of famous Ukrainian personalities on the house next to mine.


I work a lot and don’t have a lot of time to walk every day. That’s why I always try to pay my attention on every little detail around me and enjoy it.


These pictures are absolutely stunning, hope you have an incredible winter!

Thank you so much! I’m so glad you enjoyed my pictures :)
Wish you to have the happiest holidays this year!)

Thanks for joining Wednesday Walk :), I truly enjoy exploring the world virtually each Wednesday seeing walks from all around the globe and feeling I am there and experiencing it all myself, such as I did in your post just now :)

sorry for Short reply I hurt my hand and I’m trying to rest it up and stay off work phone and keyboard as much as i can

And thank you for such a great idea!) It was a good reason to walk after long workday and just look around and enjoy a moment :)

I also watched where the other people from all over the globe have been today and immerse myself in their atmosphere.

And as for your hand, I wish you the fastest rehabilitation! Take care!

Me encanta ❤️🎄☃️

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Wow that looks like a great place to have a walk and I love the photos that you took if such a pretty place!

Isn't it funny how you feel that it's not xmas if there's no snow and in Australia we don't feel like it xmas if its not a hot summer day to go to the beach, lakes or rivers..🤣 Which at the moment, is still the case.

We're still having cold, wet winter weather when it should be atleast 35c....

Thanks for sharing and I look forward to more!

Thank u so much!
I’so happy every time when someone likes my photos!
Wow! The fact about Xmas mood in Australia is really unexpected and very interesting for me!
I’ve always thought that people who live in warm countries also want that snowy cold weather for holidays))

Tanks for your attention and sorry for my late reply!🙏

Haaa Oh no, we Aussies love our xmas at the beach, out camping/boating- as long as we're outside and mostly in bare feet or thongs with food and booze, we're happy! 🤣