Country Roads and Green Dreams! - A thoughtful Wednesday walk.

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There's a peculiar magic that unfolds when you traverse the country roads of Bangladesh. As the wheels roll over the well-worn asphalt, the melody of John Denver's classic "Country Roads" seems to echo in the heart, resonating with the undulating landscape that stretches on both sides of the road.

In a country adorned with vibrant greens and a sky that seems boundless, each journey through these rustic thoroughfares feels like a sojourn into a realm where simplicity and nature harmonize.



Bangladesh, often referred to as the "green paradise," lives up to its moniker when you venture beyond the bustling cityscapes. The country roads, flanked by fields and foliage, offer a respite from the urban hustle.

The visual feast of lush greenery creates a soothing contrast to the monotony of daily life. The landscape, adorned with paddy fields, meadows, and scattered ponds, unfolds like a vibrant tapestry, portraying the agrarian heart that beats within.


As you navigate the country roads, the vastness of the sky becomes apparent. Unlike the urban landscapes dominated by skyscrapers, here the sky extends limitlessly, unobstructed by towering structures. The azure canvas above becomes a playground for the clouds, creating a dynamic spectacle that shifts with the whims of the wind. It's a sight one rarely gets to behold in the city, where high-rises confine the sky to mere patches.


Venturing into the countryside introduces you to the charm of small marketplaces and towns. While the scattered arrangement might seem chaotic, it carries an authentic simplicity that encapsulates the spirit of rural life. The unorganized stalls and shops tell tales of everyday existence, where life flows at a pace dictated by nature, not the clock. The countryside marketplaces, with their eclectic assortment of goods and produce, become a testament to self-sufficiency and community living.



Despite the allure of the countryside, there's a pang of wishful thinking. Observing the scattered nature of small shops and settlements might invoke a desire for more organized spaces, yet this randomness is part of the rural charm. The sense of ownership over the air, the untamed landscapes, and the undulating roads becomes profound. It's a connection that goes beyond legal deeds – a visceral link to the essence of the land.



While passing through these country roads, one cannot help but dream. The dream isn't just about traversing the scenic heart of Bangladesh; it extends to the possibility of making a home amidst this idyllic landscape. The charm of the countryside isn't just in its visual aesthetics but in the promise of a simpler, more connected life.

As the journey continues, the desire to escape the city's chaos and find solace along the country roads intensifies. Maybe, one day, the dream of having a home in the embrace of this green haven will materialize. Until then, each trip down these meandering paths remains a nostalgic ode to the simplicity and beauty that define the heart of Bangladesh.

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How are you dear friend @rem-steem good morning
What beautiful places for a walk, I have no doubt that when walking along these natural trails you can avoid dreaming.
Thank you very much for sharing these beautiful Wednesday walking experiences.
Have a great day

The green countryside view is one of the best. Thanks for lot for your wonderful words. Have a great day.

I love the greenish view I am see, it's really amazing. The bushes there are enjoying and they don't even care whether its rain not. Nature is

Green nature is the best, it never fails to amaze us.

Lovely countryside. When going to rural areas, country music playing on my mind.

Exactly, and that's one of the best feelings.

It always amazing seeing a sea and the life nature

Sure, it did. Thanks :)

You are welcome

such a beautiful area the greens are so fresh

Thanks for joining the Wednesday Walk :)

The simplicity of nature's beauty never fails to amaze me, yet its profound magnificence remains truly astonishing.
Thanks for the #WednesdayWalk.

The trees, the landscape, the sky look the similar to our country. Seeing these feels like home.

I too feel the home feeling from this view although I live in the city! Maybe it's where our soul lives!!

It is very pleasant to go to a place with such a passing view and a person is very refreshed after walking.

Indeed, it was a great experience.

Seeing a sea of green is always good for the eyes. Living in the city, one gets too used to seeing gray and concrete. Seeing nature can be very relaxing and soothing.

Indeed. Green is the best for our mind, body, and soul. I wish I could live there forever!