A secret between mountains #wednesday

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Hi friends

Today Wednesday it's time to walk #wednesday .
My walk is on Monday, which is my day off from work and luckily this Monday turned out nice, with a little wind but a day clear of clouds.
The title says it all
A secret between mountains.

IMG_7961 copia.jpg

The area where I live is green and with a lot of mountains and among those giants of the coast are our beaches.

This is called:
The sand
They haven't really racked their brains to name it, but it's an old name.

IMG_7878 copia.jpg

They haven't really racked their brains to name it, but it's an old name.
To get there we move by car ten minutes from home we have it.
To get to the sandbank we have a bridge since you have to cross a small stream that fills with water according to the tide.

IMG_7893 copia.jpg

The tide is going out and we can appreciate the speed of the water to be in the sea.

IMG_7904 copia.jpg

When our feet touch the sand we can see the hermitage that is at the foot of the sea, to protect us from the tides.

IMG_7889 copia.jpg

Many cannot put down the phone and enjoy the day.

IMG_7883 copia.jpg

The cleaning machines come every morning to remove what the tide leaves on the sand, in these times branches that are natural in nature, but also a lot of plastic and that is our fault, of the uncivil civilization.
The footprints are still noticeable as it is not time to lie in the sun.

IMG_7885 copia.jpg

Here we can appreciate the bridge, which promises that in the end you will have a nice walk.

IMG_7886 copia.jpg

The sea is rough, with a lot of waves and undertow, that makes the waves intense and a pleasure for the eyes.
Ruje and that sound is music for me, since it always calms me, simply the aroma of the sea and its song makes me a happy woman.

IMG_7985 copia.jpg

The heron is fishing for its morning food, calm since the river makes it impossible for anyone to pass by on that side.

IMG_7942 copia.jpg

We don't take off our shoes, the sand is hard and the water is cold, so we keep on wearing shoes.
Our feet claim to stay free, but on another occasion.

IMG_8104 copia.jpg

Instead the dogs run for their stick that they have thrown into the water or their ball.
They are not cold and they like to play in the water, for them it is also a special day.

IMG_7949 copia.jpg

We go to the other end there are rocks and round stones that the water and its movement sculpted.
A good place to rest and appreciate the sea and of course smoke a cigarette quietly,

IMG_7977 copia.jpg

Between the cigarette smoke we enjoy the view.
Here I do not tell you anything the photographs say it all.
The waves rising, roaring and breaking filling everything with tiny drops of water.

IMG_8010 copia.jpg

IMG_7970 copia.jpg

IMG_7937 copia.jpg

IMG_7988 copia.jpg

IMG_7983 copia.jpg

We have to return and with sorrow we retrace the path that we began a few hours ago, today sorrow but also joy for the good morning that the day has given us.

IMG_7900 copia.jpg

A solitary rock says goodbye to us with its puddle of water that reflects its solitary stone body.

IMG_7897 copia.jpg

In the background we appreciate the iron mines that were once active and were the wealth of my city.

IMG_7926 copia.jpg

With the movement of the tides and between green peaks I leave you until next week, if the weather is good we will go for a walk and I will show you a new place.

IMG_7923 copia.jpg

IMG_7983 copia.jpg

Canon PowerShot SX730 HS

Image © txatxy. All Rights Reserved.
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Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 95 of my contest just started...you can now check the winners of the previous week!

Siempre he dicho y diré, que los paseos por el Norte están llenos no sólo de belleza y tradición, sino también de magia, de fascinación y desde luego, de mucho encanto. Gracias por alegrarnos la visión con este magnífico paseo.

hola Juankar
sabes que el norte esta lleno de belleza y encanto , sobretodo cuando hace bueno jejej
feliz dia

wow, really pretty place.

What a beautiful place. "The Sand," indeed. Very fitting, if not original!

It's really nice that the beach is cleaned on a daily basis. Keeps it nice and fresh.

Thanks for sharing! That's very beautiful.

Hello friend, thank you very much for your comment.
If the name leaves no doubt about what it is.
The north of Spain is beautiful, all the beaches have fine golden sand, another thing is the sea, which is very rough and you have to be careful when swimming in it.
Happy day

Beautiful area you live in. So wide beaches 😊 with golden sand.
The dog seems to love it… and the heron is catching fish in the shallows.

Yes, I can imagine it is still to cold for bare feet… but soon.
Thanks for sharing ☀️

Hello Friend
First of all, thanks for stopping by and commenting.
Lately I have little time to answer but today yes.
the water is cold cold haha but the dog does not care about his goal is to play, like ours enjoy haha
happy walk

Hello 👋🏻
You are welcome @txatxy 😊

Yes I can imagine… the dog just wants to play… cold or not 😎hahaha


The sand, yeah not the most imaginative naming for this beach but it is so beautiful whatever it is called
I really love the shots catching the power of the waves
Thanks for joining Wednesday Walk :), I truly enjoy exploring the world virtually each Wednesday seeing walks from all around the globe and feeling I am there and experiencing it all myself, such as I did in your post just now :)

Happy day hello today I have time to answer and I thank you for your comment,
The beaches of northern Spain are very beautiful with fine sand and the green hills sticking to the sand.
The problem is the sea is always cold, of course now much more,
The Bay of Biscay is a rough sea with strong waves, which makes us have to be careful with undertows and waves, but that also makes it attractive for the summer to play with the waves that roll over you and make you smile whenever you don't have open mouth haha
good day

Having spent a couple of seasons as a beach lifeguard I do know about having to be careful with undertow and rip tides

Have a great day

The view is so perfect. It so clear and very neat. Nice walk you had

The view is so perfect. It so clear and very neat. Nice walk you had

hello friend, yes it was a nice winter monday, breathing without a mask free in the sea happy day and thanks for stopping by

Beautiful view, great entry. Well done!

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