Portrait n 1 - No need to rush (a new style, by Alejandra Her)

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The Nature of Home
NFT. Portrait n 1. 30 editions.
Alejandra Her

Trying something new is always difficult, not only because you get out of your comfort zone, but also because sometimes you doubt the reactions that what you are trying can have in other people.
Here I am, trying something new, something a little different. This time without descriptions, only with the words in the art, as sometimes happens to me.

This is my participation in the #GirlsGang event to which I was invited by @barbarabezina , one of the artists that I most admire in the crypto scene.

And here is the link

What do you think about this style?


@alejandra.her como siempre un trabajo hermoso, lleno de energía, de esa energía que nos mueve profundo y nos lleva a pensarnos y repensarnos... Este retrato me permitió verme reflejada en el torbellino de mis pensamientos, diarios y constantes, lejanos y distantes. Siendo la mirada la misma... llena de todo y reflejo de nada.

Gran trabajo, me gusta mucho.

Saludos, bendiciones y éxitos.

Que hermosas palabras de alguien que es tan importante para mí. Muchas Gracias, amiga. Abrazos inmensos.

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