Hive-a-versary! Exclusive sneak previews

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Seeing as how it's Hive's 3rd anniversary, and this space has been so good to me. I'd best put up something cool.

I'm up to my ears in a deadline, with another deadline waiting for me right about a random blast of sneak previews and stuff I've not shown elsewhere?

Here's something I've not spoken of, a while back I was asked to do the cover art for a documentary of stand up comedy by the guys at Stand Up Records!


Dan Schlissel is the man behind that record label and they've printed records for damn near every comedian worth a damn at one point or another, and continue to do so. Here's some names for you, Doug Stanhope, Patton Oswalt, Maria Bamford, David Cross, Mo Alexander...there's just too many to list. Oh...actually you can go here and see at list

The important thing is that they understand what "awesome" is over there. Understanding what awesome is, and always having that in a more rare thing than you'd believe, even in the creative industry. I have learned over the years, to only work with people who understand that basic principal. I was more than happy to work on this.

The title of the documentary is "The Road to hell" and He had a basic idea in mind for the art...demons, hell, a microphone.

I sketched up a few ideas...


He liked the one on the upper right, so here we and color version...

RTH BW 900.jpg

RTH CLR 900.jpg

Moving onto a current project to be published by Berserker Art! who have published a lot of great stuff by a lot of big name comic pros!


I'm not at liberty to show too much, but a bunch of random panels out of order should be okay. I talked about this project last time and showed some preliminary stuff...these are finished panels, all inked and ready for the colorist!







and here's a sneak peak at the next issue of Arsenic Lullaby. This is a story that really...anything I show you beyond this cover mock up is going to give away more than I'd like. So for now this will have to suffice. I'll only say that, while you won't believe me right now, it is a romantic comedy...a very dark and horrifying romantic comedy.

ABM 1000 112322 red crowd greenM.jpg

As always, homebase is here

banner faded quotes.jpg
banner faded quotes.jpg

NFT work here-

Here are the other places to find use of them is fluid, inconstant, susceptible to the whims and shifts of the paradigm




You have a lot going on! That's what's up
🤜🤛 your posts are worth the wait.

Heya! Yeah, I've been missing posting, but got real busy. I have some cool posts coming up though. a few how to type things...some ranting, the usual stuff for me XD

Haha! Well that's great to hear, looking forward to the next one.

Good to see you are busy and thanks for sharing your new work.

These 3 years have flown by. It may have something to do with getting old. Hive is still pretty small, but lots of cool development going on with various projects. I enjoy all the comics I get in my feed.