Trust Your Vision 💜⁠

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Cecilia Dietrich - Guided Visions Into Unseen Worlds, Oil on 40x50cm Canvas, Mar 2021

This painting is about trusting your vision. Having a vision is important in order to be clear about where you're going. Without a vision we are easily distracted and go through the motions. ⁠

Having a vision doesn't mean you know every single step to get there. How could you when it's something that you've never done or lived before. ⁠

But you can develop trust in yourself and life that you will figure things out as you go and follow the nudges and while doing that having fun discovering the journey. ⁠

Basically, this is the way I approach painting from my imagination. I see the final picture but have no idea how to paint that and I just start and go step by step knowing that I will figure it out. ⁠

What is your vision? 💜⁠





This strong blue work looks very cool ☺👌👌👌🍷 I hope you make more them.

Thank you so much @foxkoit, I appreciate! I think I will, I've already got some ideas. 😊

Cool ... I be ready then ;)

Wow. What a beautif art. Love your creativity and your vision

Thank you so much @joalvarez, I appreciate a lot! 🙂🌷

 2 years ago  

Wonderful. I love the way the colour complement each other,

Thank you so much @ammonite, I appreciate! 💫

This is a stunningly beautiful painting Cecilia! I find my eyes are drawn from the bottom to the main focal point of the owl over and over again and the color scheme is amazing. I like this a lot!

Great work and thank you for sharing with us!

Thank you so much @futuremind for your kind words. 🙏 I'm happy to hear that you like it. Wish you a wonderful New Year! ✨

schöne malerei. ist das werk mit ölfarbe oder acryl gemalt?

Vielen lieben Dank @kaptnkalle! Es ist mit Ölfarbe gemalt. Ich male primär mit Ölfarben, ab und zu mit Gouache 😊

da habe ich mich immer d´rum gedrückt um die ölfarben. bis die trocken sind ... . bin lieber bei meinem bleistift und den dosen geblieben. bei den dosen hat mir das warten schon gereicht bis die farbe trocken ist und ich weiter arbeiten kann :D.

OMG 🥰! Your painting is super duper amazing. With vision, we March on stumbling blocks and fulfill that dream. Lovely post dear !PIZZA

Aww, thank you so much @teknon ! I really appreciate your words! Yes, indeed we march on stumbling blocks but we keep going and fulfill that dream 😊✨

You're welcome 😊. Your art was a master piece.

Wowwww I love all of your work.. the fantasy scenes are amazing, I especially love the reoccurring ygdrasil and the way you work birds and patterns in. beautiful!!

Thanks a lot @witherbloom! I'm happy to hear that you like my art.🙏 Yes, I love trees and birds and generally nature, colours and fantasy scenes. I assume you too😊 Wish you a great weekend! 🌷

Yes always trust your vision.. the important is having one.. and more important is that this vision comes from within us!

Your painting is really beautiful, i like so much the blue colors.. GREAT JOB!! :)

!discovery 42

Totally yes, then it's truly aligned with us. Thank you so much @lallo ! 😊🙏

My vision? Hmm make money, travel and leave Canada for good. Kind of shallow from the outside looking in but I’ve got my reasons. Long story short: living in my “comfort zone” robbed me of ten years of my life. Got to move on. Great painting BTW ☺️

I'm pretty sure you've got your reasons, I wish you lots of luck, fun and success in fulfilling your vision! 😊✨ Thank you @dcardinal1985 ! 🌻

I missed this one. It looks magnificent.

Thank you @yangyanje I appreciate! 🌸

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looks amaizing,great job!