A true warrior

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Someone finds salvation in everyone, another only pain
Someone tries to hide himself, down inside himself he prays
Someone swears his true love until the end of time, another runs away
Separate or united, healthy or insane...

While I was listening to Audioslave's great song Be yourself.... And putting it on repeat... because I need it, I was thinking of how powerful it is to fight to dream.

I am not feeling a woman of many words today. But my art can speak for me when I feel lost for words. Especially my facepainting/bodypainting.




I know that no matter how much people try to bring me down and behave badly and do injustice to me, I am sure that I will find within myself the power to get up. I know I can't be defeated because I never quit. If people tell me I am a problem, then I will make them a favour and remove myself from their lives. For good. It is the biggest thing you can do for yourself: distancing from petty negative people filled with cynism and arrogance. This bodypainting is about fighting for your dreams. For yourself.




Fighting for yourself means fighting for what you stand for. Accepting to lose a battle in order to win the war. I might be down once in a while, but like a true warrior, I always get up. Stronger, better, wiser. And I'll know what to do when I'll cross paths again with those who watched me go down hoping I won't stand to fight another day.




Watch me from the distance and admire my success knowing you won't be part of it. That's the beauty of a warrior: he is never afraid of losing a battle as long as he doesn't lose himself.

Have an extraordinary day and toodle loo!

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If you were in Braveheart, you would steal Mel Gibson's thunder, the moment he says, "You shall take our lives but you will take our freedom." You could stand there and say, "That's the beauty of a warrior: he is never afraid of losing a battle as long as he doesn't lose himself. Have an extraordinary day and toodle loo!" Quick, roll the credits. Mel Gibson: "Hey, you stole my thunder." Mary: "What, thunder? Sorry, I only do ASMR. No time for THUNDER lol."

Hahahahahahhaha you're funny!

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"To Be Yourself is All That You Can Do"

That is a beautiful song indeed ( almost as beautiful as your body paint ;<) )
I must admit I did not really know Audioslave that well. Around that time I was already in my early 20s and I started listening to other kind of music, bands like Radiohead and more electronic music as well as calmer kind of alternative rock / pop.

Seriously, I love your art. This might be your best body paint work I've seen so far.
Very powerful with amazing colors and patterns. It also makes your hair stand out and look even prettier.



I looove Radiohead❤️ Glad you like this, it is indeed one of my best work🤗

I love it, what a party outfit :D

Thank you Asher!

👋 Hi @creativemary, I was flipping through the blockchain and stumbled on your work! You've been upvoted by Sketchbook / a community for design and creativity. Looking forward to crossing paths again soon.

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Thank you for appreciating my facepainting!

nice i like it :) question how hard is it to clean that off ?

Thank you! Oh it took me a while until I discovered the perfect technique to take this off. At the beginning, I took myself in the shower. I made complete mess. Now... I take a warm wet cloth and remove it first like this as much as possible. Then I take the shower😂🚿 It washes off much faster than it takes to create it, that's for sure

oh ok wet wipes makes sense

lol someone give her a big upvote her water bill must be cray :P

Hahhaha it is sure not easy.. It does take a bit of water to clean this up, that's true. I try to keep the consumption at a decent level.

I think that so many people lose their inner fight or give up on it and then use their time to try and bring down others that still do as it reminds them of how they gave up! If you keep your fighting spirit I respect you

Ohhhh I so agree with this one! The ones who gave up on their dreams are envious on those who still have the drive to push through. While they are a ghost of their past, they look at others and, just as you said, want to break their good spirit. I stay away from envious people, they are draining you of energy and put you down. Black holes of nothingness.

I will always fight for my dreams and for my freedom.

That's quite some face paint!

Hihihi glad you like it! I am proud of it❤️

Quite right, it's wild!

 4 years ago  

That must take some time to do. Do you use Water based paint? I have tried some body painting and I love the way the canvas moves and distorts the image. Lot's of possibilities for video and photography.

Yes, it is water based, from mehron. It does look pretty awesome in photography, I wish I would have a photographer to assist me. I do my own photos and it is quite a challenge with all that paint on me

 4 years ago (edited) 

That is even more impressive, You have great photography skills also, love the ring lighting.
Thanks for the tip on the makeup I will check that brand out.

Cool, would love to do a photoshoot with you in this makeup!

Thank you😊Facepainting is really fun

Wow, how long did it take for that makeup.

You are looking really beautiful.

Almost 4 hours. Thank you!

Invincible is the one who does not enter the war :-)
The power of a warrior in indifference.
I like your bodypainting :)
Cheers and !invest_vote

Oh this is wise! I agree. The best way to win a battle is to not enter into one... And avoid conflict... Good! Thank you for reading!

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