Digital art_2021. Chionodoxa

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Hi friends!

I think: if the Spring is on the calendar, which means it's the right time to paint pictures on this theme.
This flower will be my hero today.
Chionodoxa is one of the first flowers to bloom in spring
This beautiful flower is worthy to be painted!


So, my favorite graphic program Realistic Paint Studio has tools to help me get my creative idea into reality.
I lunch the program and choose a style "Drawing"

2_Выбор стиля живописи.jpg

Then I choose a canvas.
The paid version of the program has an ability to create a custom canvas, and I will use this.

3_Выбор холста.jpg

Choosing a color and texture of canvas

4_Выбор цвета и текстуры.jpg

With button at the top (marked with red) can open tool box

5_Инструмент для скетчинга.jpg

I choose a graphit pencil with a hardness of 2B

6_Карандаш 2В.jpg

I looked at several photos to come up with my own story.


As I wrote in past l tutorial, here you can use a tools from a boxes for other styles.
In this case, I want to use a watercolor brush now and choose a brush for create beautiful texture strokes

8_Кисточка для камней.jpg

In my idea, a flower grows between two stones. This brush helps me create a porous texture for them.
In this step I try to draw a foliage on background so ( I will adjust its shape and location later)


Then I choose a basic brush

13_Выбор основной кисточки.jpg

to draw a drop shadows from flower on a stones (on new layer)


Then I choose another brush from watercolor box

11_Кисточка для размывки.jpg

to blur a shadows a little

11_1_Размытые тени.jpg

And now all the fun begins!
The fact is that the paid version of Realistic Paint Studio includes an exclusive set of tools for calligraphy and design.
This is what the box with these tools looks like.

12_Эксклюзивная кисть.jpg

I choose the fourth brush for painting a petals.


Yes, I want to say I create a new layer to each element of my picture

14_Выбор кисти (насыщенность мазка).jpg

Choosing a brush for drawing a leaves

14_Кисть для листьев.jpg

I also want to add: if some toolbar interferes with drawing, you can remove it at any time or open it again using the buttons at the top


The foliage on background I draw with basic watercolor brush

16_фоновые листья_той же кистью.jpg

Then I erase a little and blot the edges of the area with a sponge (also from a watercolor box)


Then I return an exclusive set box and choose a pen


to detail a texture of the stones

21_ПУточнение теней.jpg

With tha same pen I refine a shape of the petals and leaves of a flower

22_Контуры цветов.jpg

For the cores of the flowers, I choose the Glitter Pen tool which draws in gold.

23_Глиттерная ручка.jpg

This element brings a little beauty and magic to the picture.


Then I choose a pen again.
I slightly modify the color of a petals depending on the lighting (according to my plan, a light falls from the right)
So they look much more expressive, right?

25_Готовыке цвекточки.jpg

So, only the background remains.
I want to make it a color that makes the flowers stand out better.

26)Общий фон.jpg%D0%9E%D0%B1%D1%89%D0%B8%D0%B9%20%D1%84%D0%BE%D0%BD.jpg)

I soften the strokes with blur brush

27_Размывка фона.jpg

And with mechanical pencil

28_Мехапнический карандаш.jpg

I draw a texture on background in the form of many small strokes

29_Штрихи на фоне.jpg

and soften the boundaries near an edges of picture

30_Готовый цветок.jpg

Then I copy background layer and replase a layer of foliage below both background layers

31_Смена слоёв.jpg

Here's what happened in the end!


I hope you'll like my spring tutorial

Have a nice day!