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Hi friends!

The other day I got an idea to try to combine wdrawing in Realistic Paint Studiowith other graphic programs - for example, Paint Tool SAI


In Realistic Paint Studioyou can converting its file to .png.
This means you can work with it as a separate layer.

For the start, I will tell you how I organize my drawings inside the program.
When I open the program, I see icons with base sample files and a folder with lessons. But over time, when there are a lot of drawings, can simply get confused in the icons.
To prevent this from happening, the program has the ability to create new folders for my own artwork.


This is what's inside my works folder.
I create new file hier (with red mark button)


Then I choose an art style - "Drawing', because I want to draw with the same an exclusive tools as last tutorial


As always I create a custom file


I also select a parameters as I need - in this case, I was guided by the reference
At the same step I give the file a name (below the window)


I select the box with the tools I need (using right-left arrows) - the exclusive tool box is last on the box's list.

6_Выбор набора для рисования.jpg

For first sketch I choose a mechanical pencil

7_Карандаш для скетча.jpg

Make some strokes for a sample - yes, it does!

8_Проба карандаша для скетча.jpg



Create a new layer, select Pen tool (with a standard nib for writing) and stroke a pencil paths

10_Обводка пером.jpg

Unnecessary strokes can be erased using an eraser from the standard sketch tool box

11_Вызов ластика.jpg

If a line that should be straight looks a jitter, can choose a special tool box (first icon marked with red).
Here you can select a ruler and work with it like a real tool

12_Вызов линейки.jpg

There are two blue round markers on the ruler.
Large center marker moves the tool across the canvas

13_Как двигать линейку.jpg

And if I pull on the right small marker, to can expand the ruler vertically or diagonally, or as I want

14_Как разворачивать линейку.jpg

And finally, all strokes are outlined.

15_Готовая обводка.jpg

So, I choose a calligraphic pen from exclusive tool box and drawing an areas between a stones

16_Заполнение меж камней.jpg

It turned out quite realistic, like traditional ink, right?

17_Текстура камней.jpg

To create the wood texture, I use a Pen tool again.
Also, using Pen tool, I add small details to the texture of the stones.

17_Текстура деревьев пером.jpg

Now I want to tint a stones as if it were done with ink diluted by water
I create new layer below the ink outline layer.
Choose a simple brush

18_Кисть для тонировки.jpg

Interestingly, the first brush in a set of brushes applies a color tone...

19_Базовый тон камней.jpg

and the third (right) brightens individual areas.

20_Высветление участков.jpg

Then I choose suitable color and with the same brush and a little bit with a Pen tool I draw a tint of wooden fragments

21_Тонировка дерева.jpg

In order to paint a grass and a moss on stones, I'll choose the following set of brushes.

22_Кисть для мха.jpg

Select somt shade of green, I draw it on new layer (above all layers)

23_Зелень внизу.jpg

Something like this is the picture.

24_Мох на камнях.jpg

Then I save a artwork as a png

25_Сохранение в PNG.jpg

So, next step I open the saving file in Paint Tool SAI
Unfortunately, transparency in PNG is not supported when saving from Realistic Paint Studio

26_Открыто в SAI.jpg

Use the Magic Wand and the Eraser I remove white area of a door.

27_Удаление фона.jpg

Then I create new layer below layer with door and draw a space area

28_Базовые цвета.jpg

To make it feel like there is a really dark space behind the door, I add another layer below first layer and fill it with black.

29_Слой с затемнением.jpg



Then I added a new layer and make a srar texture


Not very realistic, but attractive view


In SAI I can create stars using vector layers and Pen and Edit tools



With Select and Select Eraser vector tools


And fill on new (raster) layer


I like it!


I create some star layers, resize with Ctrl+T


Then merge them in one layer


Then I copy new layer and blur it with Gaussian blur to make a shine for stars


Finally color correction in Photoshop
Artwork is ready!


Have a nice and creative day!




Космос! : )

Он самый!)
Прямо за порогом))