"Escape" a Painting from a larger piece

She'd found the creature trapped thus Her own hand, equipped with sensors to detect movement hidden under objects, had felt the flapping through the rubble of the decaying building.

Hnet-image (1).gif

She could set it free by moving the atoms of the glass and with a start burst forth the most beautiful thing she'd ever seen. Many more creatures were trapped inside spreading out their wings in the joy of freedom and escape.

Any beauty in this world was important.

I hope you like my little quick story and my artwork. This is a piece from a larger painting in my Singularity series that is still unfinished. Yet, I've found a few "stand alone" paintings in it.

This bit was a sketch once:


In fact when I started the overall painting, this was the first idea sketch adn tho the larger piece has more in it, including the ladies face and a dog and cat and an old building, there was something about the butterfly story I loved.

The butterfly has always represented the Human mind, so I love having them represented in the Singularity pieces

Here we have the sketch layer on as I was working with watercolor and pastels to get the colors built up

The joy of taking one's sketches digitally, as I've oft said, is the beauty of layers. And that I can have watercolor paper on one layer and oil on canvas on another in the same piece is magic to me.

And this section which has become this painting with only oil layers now present.

I had fun making the gif and in fact I made it the hard way. I would love to learn the animation I see so many use for NFT, but I do it the hard way in Shotcut (video editor) having to have multiple layers of my work and then green screen images etc.

After that I had to convert the MP4 to a GIF to show here, but the MP4 I'm going to score with music and make it into an NFT. I Shall shall that when it's finished (if it's okay to show the same image again, tho it will be in another iteration).

I hope you enjoyed my little painting and the animation and the 'story' which is really just the whiff of a suggestion of a world that might be in a few lines that amuse me.

I hope all of you find a moment in your day to indulge in your passion and as always, remember to stay creative.


How funny we are...I was going to draw butterflies yesterday but drew dragonflies instead. I like the mechanical hand against the very fragile looking orb.

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This is definitely a masterpiece ❤️ Awesome work dear, and love the concept.

Wow.. this is so beautifully made:)