I drew this to destress.

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A quick recap of my life right now: I have full-time work, I attend graduate school, and I have professional development mentorship on the side.

Work -- need I say more? I have to grind if I intend to sustain my studies and way of living (lots of snacks and chocolates that I probably don't even need).

Graduate school -- now this. I definitely underestimated this one. I thought it was enough that I survived my undergraduate years; it isn't. Deadlines here and there. I didn't even get to enjoy the short time I spent at home with my parents over the weekend. Heck, I even had dreams where I'm coding and solving problem sets. Craaazy. (Of course, woke up feeling frustrated. Why the heck do I have to do those stuff even in my dreams?!)

Mentorship. Wow, I don't even have time to commit to this one. :( I hope to be able to finally do this starting tomorrow. //intense pleas


So I bought a pint of chocolate ice cream from a nearby Korean grocery store right after attending classes yesterday. I was just so out of it, I thought I needed some pick me up. And this is it.

Fusion of chocolate and ice cream -- the ultimate solution to my stress.


Then there's drawing. I've been thinking about doing this a few days ago, but I was in the peak of mountains of deadlines that I couldn't sneak a sketch. Boy was I glad my deadlines (for now) end tonight and I finally had a few hours to do this!

This drawing is based off this photo from Pinterest. I really liked how simple it looked, and I already imagined myself drawing it. I'm glad I did!

I had to adjust the colors to my liking, though. I wanted it more saturated (I'm not sure you've noticed, but I really want everything saturated. 😆)

Below is a collage of how it went. I did some final touches through Snapseed.


that's it for now! i'm not sure i'll be able to drop by again any time soon, but let's see!

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Aww and you still have a few sems left before you finish grad school. I didn't think grad school would be that harsh-

I missed you though UwU and your pretty drawings! This one came out so pretty too

 3 months ago  

omgggg hanzell is that you?! i didn't know you're here on hive. 🙈 i really need to drop by as often to keep updated. 😆

and so true. still just starting grad school and i'm also beginning to question the life choices. lmao. can't wait to graduate. 😆

thank youuu! i really hope to be able to draw again soon. 🥲

Yisssss it's meeee and I finally got on hive last month UwU I see you sometimes though and I was shookdt your account here is that old tbh. I also saw your works on the NFTshowroom and I recognized a lot of them

How long is grad school for you though? Because if it takes a lot of years then I'm definitely gonna pray for your sanity and survival ;;w;; lots and lots of good luck and motivation to finish grad school!!!!!

 2 months ago  

hahaha been around since 2017. 🙈 i just really have the annoying tendency to be around sporadically and very inconsistently hahaha.

How long is grad school for you though?

as i'm in grad school part time, it would probably take me 3 to 4 years. worse, 5. 😭 i might need to eventually ask for academic leave from work soon, though, so i could focus more (and get dost scholarship hahahuhu i'm not sure i'll be able to carry on and finance my own tuition in the long run)

Damn that's a really long time if you've been around since 2017. I kind of wish I discovered this place around that time too. When I had more free time and more motivation :"(

Didn't know grad school had part time? But 3-4 years is pretty long already, I hope you don't reach 5 years in grad school

 2 months ago  

Damn that's a really long time if you've been around since 2017. I kind of wish I discovered this place around that time too. When I had more free time and more motivation :"(

ah, those were the days. the pay back then wasn't really much, but the community was great. had a huge downfall around 2 or 3 years ago, then hive was born, and it is what it is now. ♥ have fun in the community!!!

Didn't know grad school had part time?

yes!! it just means you're underloading. the full-load for grad students (at least in my uni) accounts for 12 units. part-time grad studies is especially great for those with full-time work xD

I remember it was part is steem before? I didn't really look into the history of hive 🥲 I'm just enjoying the community right now because hive people are so nice UwU

Ohh grad school is just 12 units OnO I thought it would be more. Grad school kind of feels like a unit's earner course to me now for some reason

Turned out great, been making music to distress but want to get out back to draw, just do not manage to surf through my stress lately

 2 months ago  

thank youuu! i love how art (in all its shape and form) has become a therapeutic means to relieve stress. i hope you manage through your stress with both music and drawing! ♥

O helo, stranger. 😂😂

 2 months ago  

hiii i don't know people anymore??? 😭

Excellent Job looks great

 2 months ago  

thank you so much! ♥

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It's a lovely, lovely sketch. Amazingly beautiful and a striking resemblance to the original.
You're super cool.
I hope you are able to navigate through all that you have to do and not get burned out.
Hope you get some time to rest at least.

Wow! This is one great destress. Does this art symbolizes you being all so worn out with so many things, just slumbering and off to Dreamland where everything is just easy and beautiful.
No worries your path now will lead you to greatness. It may be hard at first but it will soon be rewarding just don't forget to stop and smell the roses once in a while.
Well-being abounds for you dear.