Mental Crisis. Body dysmorphic disorder. My Character Drawing

Hi everyone!❤️

As I said earlier, I am continuing my series of works of art on the topic of mental disorders.

I will not describe my drawing, because everyone, it seems to me, will see in it something of his own and will experience his emotions.

Mental Crisis. Body dysmorphic disorder. My Character Drawing

If you missed my previous artwork, you can see it HERE or my Instagram.

All I can do is just leave this quote here:

"Magical" is just another word for mental."
-Carl Jung

Work Process:

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Thank you for your attention!


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Loving this series!

This is amazing especially since I relate to the message behind.

I love it so much 🖤

Wow what an incredible piece! So glad to of stumbled across your work. Looking forward to seeing more from this series.

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