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RE: Pointillism ladybug drawing

in OnChainArt11 days ago

Yeah, I want one...A drawing. We'll have to work something out. I'll pay.

You'll need your drawing skills for the weekend-engagement topic this Friday...But you'll have to tone it down, be less good, as only the oddball, weird and fun ones are going to win. Look out for the topic this Friday.


Aaaaa really? I must tell you you would be the first one, I have had my etsy shop for so long and never sold 1 original yet. So that would be a first, for me at least. And it would be so awesome that I would almost faint hahahha😂😂

I will take a look, hm... Be less good? I will try. Be weird? Ooo been doing it for 30 years😂😂😂

I'll look at the shop...Etsy you say? Can I pay in good advice or do you only take money? I find money so uncouth. Lol.

Yes, less good, like don't do your best, do your worst, which will probably be way better than my best anyway. I'll be doing a sample for the masses to see. Should be fun.


lol, pay in good advice....I will be rich then....I have many good advice not one person willing to take them. I have no money sadly...

Haha, it was worth a try. She hasn't said no yet.

Hahahahaha you are funny😂 I know no person who doesn't have a bag of free advice for everyone lol.
Yes my etsy. Art is not a common sell. Especially for artists with no shows in gallery or very popular. I will slowly get there. Hopefully while still alive😂😂 There is an annoying tendency for artists to become well known post mortem. Mhmmm right, like they take credit cards in Heaven😂

My dad is (was) an artist. Doesn't paint anymore. He had exhibitions all over the country and his paintings hang around the world. It is very difficult to become noticed, and to make a living from it.

Oh wow😍That is so great, my respect. Art world is a challenge. I have not had any exhibitions yet and I think it is a great achievement if your father managed to do that.

It was his life, not a hobby. He was an amazing artist. Acrylic on canvas mainly, but had talent in many other mediums also. I have a collection of his works. I've shared some on the blockchain.

Oh really, I would love to see. Making a living from art, oh that would be a dream😍😍

lol, being weird for so too...

So we'll be seeing an entry from you I hope. All weird people are welcome. Lol.

Lol, last time I draw something, it was in my primary school...a Dinosaur....My teacher gave me F in it....

Never tried anything after that....

You'll be perfectly suited to the task on Friday then!

haha, last one was really crazy....I laughed a lot...really excited for the next one now.

I'm glad! Good to have you along, and am happy you're getting enjoyment from it.

We are family, I have all the weirdos with me😂