Pointillism ladybug drawing

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I finally finished this lovely drawing. This pointillism artwork took me 15 hours and 30 minutes to finish.

ladybug (1).jpg

I always set a timer when I begin dot work so that is why I always know how much time I invested in one piece.

ladybug (7).jpg

My ladybug looks amazing. I always find it so relaxing to lose myself in Dot Land. I started with a basic sketch and then did my contour.



I use a 0.25 mm rotring isograph and black ink. Adding up layers of dots is what gives it a nice shading.

ladybug (4).jpg

ladybug (5).jpg

My next insect to draw is going to be a dragonfly. I have loved them since I was a child.

Here are final photos of my ladybug.

ladybug (6).jpg

ladybug (3).jpg

ladybug (2).jpg

ladybug (8).jpg

Original drawing for sale here

Short final video

Have a splendid day and toodle loo!

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This is amazing art and the ladybug is definitely one of my favorite insects too ( together with butterflies and dragonflies ( You got to love those names! )

I hope you don't mind that I set this drawing as my desktop background, for now.
As long as I can't afford your art and I can't pay for it ( aside from in upvotes and tips ), this will need to make do ;<)

Um abraço,


Thanks Vincent! Ohhh my drawing as your wallpaper... That is so cool! Glad that my ladybug is going to get you smiling every day🐞😊Hug🤗

It sure helps, as one of many things that improve my mood throughout the day


Very good, I am happy for you Vincent😊🤗

Yeah, I want one...A drawing. We'll have to work something out. I'll pay.

You'll need your drawing skills for the weekend-engagement topic this Friday...But you'll have to tone it down, be less good, as only the oddball, weird and fun ones are going to win. Look out for the topic this Friday.

Aaaaa really? I must tell you you would be the first one, I have had my etsy shop for so long and never sold 1 original yet. So that would be a first, for me at least. And it would be so awesome that I would almost faint hahahha😂😂

I will take a look, hm... Be less good? I will try. Be weird? Ooo been doing it for 30 years😂😂😂

I'll look at the shop...Etsy you say? Can I pay in good advice or do you only take money? I find money so uncouth. Lol.

Yes, less good, like don't do your best, do your worst, which will probably be way better than my best anyway. I'll be doing a sample for the masses to see. Should be fun.


lol, pay in good advice....I will be rich then....I have many good advice not one person willing to take them. I have no money sadly...

Haha, it was worth a try. She hasn't said no yet.

Hahahahaha you are funny😂 I know no person who doesn't have a bag of free advice for everyone lol.
Yes my etsy. Art is not a common sell. Especially for artists with no shows in gallery or very popular. I will slowly get there. Hopefully while still alive😂😂 There is an annoying tendency for artists to become well known post mortem. Mhmmm right, like they take credit cards in Heaven😂

My dad is (was) an artist. Doesn't paint anymore. He had exhibitions all over the country and his paintings hang around the world. It is very difficult to become noticed, and to make a living from it.

Oh wow😍That is so great, my respect. Art world is a challenge. I have not had any exhibitions yet and I think it is a great achievement if your father managed to do that.

It was his life, not a hobby. He was an amazing artist. Acrylic on canvas mainly, but had talent in many other mediums also. I have a collection of his works. I've shared some on the blockchain.

Oh really, I would love to see. Making a living from art, oh that would be a dream😍😍

lol, being weird for so long....me too...

So we'll be seeing an entry from you I hope. All weird people are welcome. Lol.

Lol, last time I draw something, it was in my primary school...a Dinosaur....My teacher gave me F in it....

Never tried anything after that....

You'll be perfectly suited to the task on Friday then!

haha, last one was really crazy....I laughed a lot...really excited for the next one now.

I'm glad! Good to have you along, and am happy you're getting enjoyment from it.

We are family, I have all the weirdos with me😂

Very Beautiful, good work, friend :)

Thank you!


Wow what an amazing drawing friend I look beautiful like everything you do XOX Congratulations 😍

Thank you dear!

Aww, your ladybug turned out so lovely and I love the texture of the leaf too! You are genius of pointillism! I've dabbled in it in the past, but not at your level where it creates this illusion of 3d. Usually I combined it with watercolor though with some layers underneath the dots which gave it some more depth, but nothing like this. You are inspiring!

Hey! Thank you! It's so kind of you to appreciate the amount of work behind my art. Creating the 3D look is the most difficult part. I enjoy it very much though, besides the difficulty.Hm I think it would look interesting to combine pointillism and colour

That is the most awesome part of it, I can tell how much you enjoy doing what you are doing. It is what makes it magical! I've seen some artists who struggle with the enjoyment and joy part with their work and it is so heartbreaking because it stems from not being confident, self doubt or not being convinced that they are simply awesome.

It is very interesting combination for sure, though sometimes it mutes the bright colors underneath when going over with the black ink. But at that point you just have to go along with it until everything is covered and colors underneath then begin to create fun effects by themselves. I have not tried colored dots as it would mean using perhaps markers and I have not seen much of all kind of color fine ink pens. Having something like that would be epic, but sure expensive.

 5 months ago (edited)

Markers dry out so fast. Maybe colored ink. That would be something. It would look very expressionistic.

Enjoying the art is the best part of being an artist

Wow, exelente trabajo, me agrado cada detealle, gracias por compartir.

Hello! Thank you for appreciating my work!

Your pointillism work is just fascinating!
It gives me the feeling that I want to enter that universe of points. You are a great artist.

Thank you! You might need a magnifying glass hihi. It is a beautiful world, the world of dots😍

Amazing ! you're so productive. I spent the same hours watching K-drama haha

Hey! Thank you! I work to always be more productive 😊

You have got crazy skills....yesterday I clicked on your twitch link and I was surprised that you were online. Followed you but couldn't comment as it asked to wait for 10 mins. Got busy.

It was really cool that you were reading books. I expected that you must be playing games...btw you play games too? because I love games.....

Just wanted to ask...you have been working so hard(on multiple platforms) like this forever or recently?

Thank you! Feel free to speak with me when I stream, I would enjoy it. I am not a gamer, just a reader and streamer of book related material.

I discovered twitch just in march. And been streaming there ever since. I just feel I need to talk my books with people who get me.

nice...would love to join someday and talk with you there.

This sunday I will stream again. See you then!

👍8 a.m. Eastern time Romania

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Thank you!

Beautiful, extraordinary. Just like you.

Thank you! You make me blush, these are lovely compliments, I appreciate:)

Wow! It's really cool that this picture is made with points.

Thank you!

Waao. Look the the work on level of Detailing in this art work. It's totally awesome Dear. Your Long Hours dedication simply paid off.

Thanks so much!

Oh . . 👍👍
That's just amazing art work. . .

Thank you😊

I don't see the point-ilism.

Dad joke ^

I am guessing a lot of people look at various works of art and don't fully appreciate the time it takes to produce them, nor the hours of practice and screwups along the way. Looking forward to the dragonfly :)

Hahahaha. Loved the joke hihi.

Oh yeah, I remember chasing dragonflies with my friends in the school garden. Loved it😍😍

Congratulations, I love your work. Successes

Thank you!:)

You are a professional Mary. More successes

Thank you Emilio!

Well done @creativemary you are killing it with the pointillism, that takes patience I tell you!

Thank you Donna! It does require a lot of patience you are right. I enjoy it very much:)

I love ladybirds and drawing them too, your technique is impressive, I congratulate you.

Thank you! I like doing this type of art, glad to see people appreciate it

 5 months ago 

Not only can you make ridiculously good looking drawings out of a bunch of tiny dots, you can also work to a timer? I tried that a few times and always forgot to stop it when I wandered off XD

Hahaha. Thank you😊

Exelente trabajo de dibujo, muy detallado, gracias por compartir, saludos.

Hey! Thank you so much!

Yeah, those long hours are not fun to do but it was worth it.......but it came so beautifully. Cheers!

Thank you very much, I'm happy that you like it!

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You spared no effort to complete this task, it's beautiful!

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An amazing piece of art once again!

Hey! Thanks so much😊