The Twins

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The Twins

A digital painting that I finished a few weeks ago. I was stressing about this too much and I'm just glad that it's already finished and I love the result! I'm pretty burnout at the moment so I can't think of a poem that go with this so interpret it how you like.

I love this personally as it's quite different from my usual works. I mean, most of my subjects are always "indoors" and this gives me a creepy kinda surreal vibes. I also love the obvious connection that is seen between the two figures. Like, literally how their hands meet. I'm proud of this work and I personally think it's one of my best works!


Here's a timelapse of this painting. It is also clear that I was changing the backgrounds and everything too much until I get what really fits it lol cos I didn't have a concrete plan when I started this. I hope you enjoy the process as much as I enjoyed watching it!


I was about to comment this with "is it just me or it looks different from your other works?" without reading your post. This is indeed different. Your strokes are also visibly different from your previous works. I would say this is more refined in terms of the technique and the symbolism is definitely you, but I can't say I love this more than your previous ones. Maybe because this is new and I got comfortable with your previous works.

Haha yeah! It's not one of my impulsive works where I am not interested with making details and such. This time I wanted to spend a lot of time for 1 work like I usually do when I want it to be the best among my bests. The style of my previous ones are not gonna go away, but expect they would be evolving lol

Pokemon evolution. More works! More money! 😂

By the way, I also feel drained and down last week. I don't know. Maybe after the resignation nisink in na tanan. Anyway, chikka lang.

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that tribe is pretty dead afaik, just in case you were thinking of speculating on the token

Ah yeah I haven't used that since the takeover. Dunno how it is now tho but yeah I should still collect for fun if it's really ded lol

A really successful drawing. I like it!

Thank you!

You're welcome! :)

woahhhh love your style, the inner and outer halves, conscious and subconscious, + and -....

are you the one Ras made a website for?

You got it! Yes I'm that artist hahah he helped me a lot with it!