My Digital Painting | Stones Worship (Spanish - English)


Hello, dear friends Hivepainters.

I'm Zulay Pulido, Painter Apprentice, with Philosophical Thought.

" The authentic work of art is but a shadow of divine perfection." - Miguel Ángel Buonarroti.

All the images in this publication are my own.

Today is Sunday, September 20, 2020.

Mi Pintura Digital | Adoración a los Cristales (Español – English)

Hola, queridos amigos Hivepintores.

Soy Zulay Pulido, Aprendiz de Pintura, con Pensamiento Filosófico.

“ La autentica obra de arte no es más que una sombra de la perfección divina.” - Miguel Ángel Buonarroti.

Todas las imágenes de esta publicación son de mi autoría.

Hoy es domingo 20 de septiembre de 2020.

On this occasion, I offer you a Digital Painting, created in Adobe Photoshop CC 2017.

The theme for today is an Indigenous Worshiping their Gods, the Stones in an underground cave.

To carry out this work I started from a sketch, a product of my imagination, that I made in Photoshop and painted it with my Star 03 V2 XP-PEN graphic tablet.

This job took me six (6) hours to complete.

Next, I exhibit the sequence of images that demonstrates the process "Step by Step", of the creation of my Digital Painting of an Indigenous People Worshiping their Gods, the Crystals.




Final Drawing


I hope it is to your liking.

En esta ocasión, les ofezco una Pintura Digital, creada en Adobe Photoshop CC 2017.

El tema para hoy es un Indígena Adorando a sus Dioses, las Piedras en una cueva subterránea.

Para realizar este trabajo partí de un boceto, producto de mi imaginación, que hice en Photoshop y lo pinté con mi tableta gráfica Star 03 V2 XP-PEN.

Efectuar este trabajo me tomó seis (6) horas.

A continuación, exhibo la secuencia de imágenes que demuestra el proceso “Paso a Paso”, de la creación de mi Pintura Digital de un Indígena Adorando a sus Dioses, los Cristales.

Espero que sea de tu agrado.

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Greetings from Venezuela, a country with Great Drawers.

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Un saludo desde Venezuela, un país con Grandes Dibujantes.

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Very nice painting. Noticed you put some crystals on the side but ended up not including them. Such is the life of a painter to make plans but as you paint, it evolves. I like that fluidity, imagination is not static except it's a commission work.

Hello Friend @veeart

Welcome to my blog.

Yes, that was my original idea, but I realized that it would steal the spotlight from the main image.

Then I'll do something with crystals

Thank you for your excellent comment.

A big hug

You've got to be some sort of photoshop genius.

So mysterious this one

hahahahah friend @stevenson7

I am just a drawing apprentice. I still have a lot to do

Thanks for your kind comment

A Hug


Love the name-Stones Worship, fits 10000% How you came up with that?

Hi friend @edgarsart

Welcome to my blog

When I finished the drawing I chose that name so that it would fit with the final result. Originally, it was something else hehe

A big hug

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It is an honor for me, that you value my work in that way

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Very good. Is what I wanted to do

Hi friend @brittandjosie

I am exploring different themes. So I learn more.

Cada día sorprendiendome más, como siempre!! De verdad que tienes una imaginación inmensa.

Hola, mi querida amiga @tripode

Gracias por visitarme de nuevo.

Siempre me traes palabras hermosas y mucha motivación. Te lo agradezco mucho


No hay de que! Tienes una fan desde Rep Dom!

Thank you, my friend @hairofmedusa

Your short comment is very meaningful

Thank you so much, friend @blacks

You are very welcome to my blog

Thats so cool! The colours are captivating, the scene itself is captivating, CAPTIVATING WORK! :D

OH! friend @julesquirin

I am glad you like my today Artwork

Oh wow! I suggest you to post it on too. Your work would be much appreciated in that community