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RE: Pointillism ladybug drawing

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You have got crazy skills....yesterday I clicked on your twitch link and I was surprised that you were online. Followed you but couldn't comment as it asked to wait for 10 mins. Got busy.

It was really cool that you were reading books. I expected that you must be playing games...btw you play games too? because I love games.....

Just wanted to have been working so hard(on multiple platforms) like this forever or recently?


Thank you! Feel free to speak with me when I stream, I would enjoy it. I am not a gamer, just a reader and streamer of book related material.

I discovered twitch just in march. And been streaming there ever since. I just feel I need to talk my books with people who get me.

nice...would love to join someday and talk with you there.

This sunday I will stream again. See you then!

👍8 a.m. Eastern time Romania