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RE: Pointillism ladybug drawing

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Aww, your ladybug turned out so lovely and I love the texture of the leaf too! You are genius of pointillism! I've dabbled in it in the past, but not at your level where it creates this illusion of 3d. Usually I combined it with watercolor though with some layers underneath the dots which gave it some more depth, but nothing like this. You are inspiring!


Hey! Thank you! It's so kind of you to appreciate the amount of work behind my art. Creating the 3D look is the most difficult part. I enjoy it very much though, besides the difficulty.Hm I think it would look interesting to combine pointillism and colour

That is the most awesome part of it, I can tell how much you enjoy doing what you are doing. It is what makes it magical! I've seen some artists who struggle with the enjoyment and joy part with their work and it is so heartbreaking because it stems from not being confident, self doubt or not being convinced that they are simply awesome.

It is very interesting combination for sure, though sometimes it mutes the bright colors underneath when going over with the black ink. But at that point you just have to go along with it until everything is covered and colors underneath then begin to create fun effects by themselves. I have not tried colored dots as it would mean using perhaps markers and I have not seen much of all kind of color fine ink pens. Having something like that would be epic, but sure expensive.

Markers dry out so fast. Maybe colored ink. That would be something. It would look very expressionistic.

Enjoying the art is the best part of being an artist