City 3D Sketch

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Everytime I go to artstation they get me. I end up in the asset store buying some random thing because artists like to sell things for practically free. So I picked up a new kitbash set of sci fi buildings for $2 and played around with it in Arnold in Cinema 4D using Arnolds awesome toon shader.

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Haven't touched this in a minute so there was a little bit of struggle, but a few minutes of tutorials brought me back up to speed.

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Previously if I'd needed to do a greebly city like this I have some displacement maps for that, but this holds up a lot better and is more flexible. The gears are turning on doing something a bit more involved with this shading technique and these city models. Maybe a new NFT? We'll see. See you in the next post.


Meanwhile I should actually learn how to do displacement cities (I know how to do it in theory x_x).

That toon shader is nice.

So all those models were in that set? Why do artists like to sell things for practically free? Aargh I'm getting tired of my don't undersell yourself spiel XD

releasing things for cheap or free because the main purpose is to help other people or just to make it available and they don't care for renumeration is something else together and I have no problem with those XD

Yay for turning gears :D

Well something I've realized is Octane has the best displacement tools. You can do it in any software, but elsewhere you have to subdivide the model at render time to get the proper level of detail and it slows things down dramatically. It doesn't work like that in Octane so displacements look great and are blazing fast.

Yup all these buildings came in that $2 set. They're just simple boxes up close and there are no UVs, but they took the time to laboriously lay them out into interesting designs. Definitely worth all two dollars lol.

Omg esta increíble la edición de tu obra .
Me gusto bastante 🤗

ahhhh cool!!!!! i WISH i had a program that i could do awesome city design in.... i need something with easy graphics tools like and architect program but not tricky CAD stuff (well its time consuming), mixed with the ability to do huge detailed cities like this, but also go inside and design some of the buildings. I can't imagine the processor power needed... I know there are are few programs that i could try but they are totally ground up stuff . so a mix of CAD, the sims, house design software and decorations.. lol

But i do love city build stuff

Probably try Blender. It's free and has a bit of everything.

Looks pretty amazing as shade gives it more depth and kind of changes the perspective. Funny as I don't normally stop and look at art stuff but saw your post and it was different.

Thanks! Stop by more often :)