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I Need Your Support!

I have been working toward getting Amanda on the NFT train, but it seems that most of the professional platforms are now invite only or exclusive these days. It appears that allows new artists, but the artist must be upvoted by the community first. I would appreciate all of the votes that I can get from my Hive family!

Screen Shot 2021-03-29 at 4.25.40 PM.png

Here is her profile. If you are a verified user, you should be able to drop her a vote and a follow:

If you are not familiar with her work, Amanda F Turner is a very talented and skilled professional and fine artist. She is very upset at me for not telling her about NFTs 3 years ago. But here we are! Let's make up for it. We have a fantastic collection that is ready to be minted as soon as we can get the street cred.

A Bored Rick Nuthman by Amanda Turner

I find it a little odd that you need to get people to vote for you as an artist before you are even able to put any art on your account. I guess the assumption is that you are already a household name?

If you would like to learn a bit more about Amanda, feel free to check her out:

Sadly, we are in desperate need of updating the artwork presented on these sites, but it is a good taste.

As a side note, if any of you pro artists on here have any suggestions I am all ears. What I don't want to do is get on one of these platforms where anything goes. I think it can be easy to get lost in the big open sea of NFTs. (pun intended)

I am certainly open to other legit platforms if there is anything worthwhile (with lower fees than ether!)



just voted!

Thanks, Nonso! Much appreciated.

Oh I understand the frustration, I also wanted to join Foundation app and it was just by invite. So you can make an account and be voted? I am also in the beginning with this NFT. There are many places and yes, the gas fees are high. There is nftroom, rarible, opensea, makersplace, knownorigin etc. She is very talented, she deserves to be out there. I think that she will do great. If she manages to get up there let me know, I would love to find more info too lol. Good luck!

Yeah, I don't fully get how the voting thing works. She jumped from 8000th to 800th place with only 4 votes so far. So going well, and not going well at the same time. I don't even know how many votes one needs.

This is frustrating because I know that it would have been easy had I acted a few months ago.

I just joined Foundation too and I have cast my first vote and follow to Amanda, it is definetely not easy lol, I am on 8000 and smth place. Can a couple of votes change the ranking so dramatically? If she has any more votes left I would appreciate, we artists need to help each other

lol... Yeah, I upvoted you as Amanda and it brought you up to 4249. Congrats 😁

Her position is now 596... I wish I knew how many votes you need. We've only gotten 5 so far. This is not going to be easy.

Awww thanks so much! I have no idea about the number of votes, I noticed they show only top 50. It must not be easy, but we must not give up. She is super talented and I can't wait to see her sell her first NFT. I also found out quite late about this, but I think there is always room for more talent.

I also saw this today

You should definitely check out the Atomic Hub on WAX. It is pretty easy to use and it has a bunch of options from what I remember. I threw a couple of photos out there when it first opened up. Might be worth taking a look at for you.

I will check it out. I got a decent pile of wax tokens back when the GPK thing started. They have gone up a lot since I bought them! I haven't looked at their marketplace yet.

There is some cool stuff out there. I am doing some contract work for a company that has a guy who has done some of the drawing on past TOPPS releases. WAX is a good hodl. It has the potential to be a $10 token easy.

Thanks for sharing about this, I just voted and look forward to hearing how this journey continues.

Thanks a lot, @jonamccallum! Very much appreciated. Hopefully we can get in. Not sure how many votes we will need.

You could also try using NFT Showroom here on the Hive blockchain. You still need to be whitelisted as an artist to begin posting your artwork, but it is a smaller community where she may get relatively more exposure given that there are still less than 1,000 artists whitelisted as of right now. At the moment, it costs 5 hive to mint a first addition of a piece and 1 hive for each additional edition, which is much cheaper than most other platforms as far as I am aware. Here's a link to a page with instructions for how to apply as an artist:

Best of luck! Hope you find something that works.

Yeah, I was thinking about creating a profile for her on Hive to do this. I am a little concerned though, because at these low prices it is hard to convince artists who are used to making $10k to 100k per piece to accept a few hundred Hive for their work. I think that this is why even our best artists here on the platform are still using ETH.

There is an argument to be had that if known artists publish on Hive, then the money will come. That is worth considering.

Is there a downside to selling on both in your opinion? I get the idea that the more a piece is minted the less valuable it may be, but since Hive and ETH are different networks are you not just hedging your bets on which market will gain more attention over time? Those few hundred $ in Hive today could potentially gain value over time to make it worthwhile given that Hive is around 1/2000th of 1 ETH atm.

Followed and voted for her 👍

Thanks man! I am having a hell of a time getting anything set up. I waited too long. She is kinda pissed at me for not telling her about NFTs a year ago. It is weird how I miss out on so many things that are actually on my radar.

Do you happen to know how many votes you need to be able to upload?

Don’t unfortunately

It's pretty crazy, though. 2 votes jumped me from 8000th to 1000 something place.