Into the jungle - original painting

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Hi everyone. This time I want to show you my painting "Into the jungle". It is painting which I created for my nephew Igor with his favourite characters. Acrylic painting, size 50 x 70 cm. Painted in 2014.
Have a beautiful day everyone :)

2 (1).jpg


Nice one. These seem to be Nickolodeon characters. Your nephew must really love them...

 4 days ago 

thank you. yes he really loves them :)

Wao this is beautiful

 4 days ago 

thank you very much :)

You are welcome

Awesome xx

 4 days ago 

thank you :)

I recognise them all even if I don't immediately recall the movie they're from XD

Is it a permanent fixture in his room/house? :)

 4 days ago 

yes - it was a gift for him on birthday :) It is on the wall in his room :) :)