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RE: RainBowZ: Emissivity of Reception - NFT ShowRoom Official -

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Awesome! I’m glad you finally went for it and made your art available! It’s a big step. But I believe your timing was right. Sometimes we aren’t ready till we’re ready. I minted my first pieces on hive and it was awesome. I’m in the love with the idea of using art creations to open potential regenerative streams of value (not just money). Tokenizing art makes this a possibility!

I love this piece. It’s one of those that tells some stories and one could get lost in. Great work!


Thanks for appreciating the artwork! I wanted to have a whole series ready and roll out a perfect run to get started... until i realized that could take forever.

I have always preferred analog mediums for my artwork. The fact they would be difficult to translate digitally in a secure way is why i haven't put much of my art online over the years. Now that NFT's and blockchain solve the problem of security, legitimacy in provenance, and scarcity... the time is ripe!

I try to create art that someone could get lost in and that may tell a story through symbols and themes. The value in my art to be extracted depends on the creativity and efforts of the observer! Thanks for taking the time to appreciate and comment!