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Digital Art

Love doesn't choose Love

Love is just an empty word
and yet somehow it's everything.

Love is a trap with no return, coz once you get caught (or: once you fall in) you cannot get rid of it easily.

Should you forget it (love)
it will break your tiny heart,
and it will sing a thousand sad songs.

Until it can eat you whole again (from head to toe).
Vanished in being,
Drowned by your own body,
Love is winning over the biggest fear...

Which absurdly is created by the own self.

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us artists tends to copy works that can add beauty to the painting, and i really don't see anything wrong with this one, there are so many artists that use other artist artwork, take dadaism as an example, or the one spintwister commented about appropriation art but since jaguar is a scandalous impulsive person who doesn't warn first or consult the artist to just correct what went wrong now this artwork has become a bad view to the other viewers, art is very broad you see..
lets say if i am the kind of artist who uses other artworks and add scriblless and paints on it and my main purpose is to gather the negative or positive reactions to my viewers which can be considered as interactive art and put that reason in my artists statement that can be considered as an art as long as the artist knows how to stand for it. this case can be dealt with by just talking to the artist by advicing to credit, its not too much to ask really but jaguar just wants to bully people for pleasure or i think the person is very thirsty for attention which is very sad really..

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That's my point too but it is what is. (too greedy) he/she might forgot to respect humanity, teach the young aspiring beginner artist to know the rules and condition he/ she up to

As much as credit would be desirable, of course, and as much as I love your sophism and rationalization of outright theft (this is not even referenced, its straight out copied digitally), the actual artist has unequivocally expressed that he doesn't give permission for his work to be modified and monetized, with or without credit.

cool! :)

@tipu curate

Lol you still believe jaguar?

he doesnt need to believe me, he just needs to believe his eyes when he reads the report, thats how facts work, darling.

Amazing, just saw it on instagram too

Thank you! Thanks @NFT for featuring my work.. thank you for the follow. Cheers!

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mmmmmm next time better give the credits

I studied Fine arts and I know if its consider as plagiarism.. ask to different collage making artist. this is composition.. Its transformative

this consider as remix art

A large portion of the said artwork that I plagiarize the work is clearly visible

your work is very nice, but if you have used some copyrighted components, you must always mention them

surely we will be able to vote for your next posts, as in the past

I noted that. I posted so many art work in the past and you guys knows that and havent any issue. Just this moment this guy quite so greedy.

excuse me? GREEDY? where is the greed here, my report is in decline, and the artist doesnt want money from you, he just wants you not to steal his work.

Seems pretty clear to me that the birds are not part of the same painting style and were taken from someone else as addition to the painting. This is normal in the art scene and happens all the time.

Maybe source to the original next time, though.

I make sure and take note of that @acidyo. Thank you

Uhm... I thought HIVE is not censored? Did you censor it yourself? Or did I just miss the idea of it??

chicken nuggets

@jaguar.force thank you for your helpful contribution in this conversation....🙏👍

my pleasure, its a long standing tradition started by @pjau

I did it on purpose.. its part of the concept.

Okay... that means that I just missed the idea of it, I guess...🙃

I'm curious, but I do respect if you don't feel like explaining any further than you already did in your blog...

The concept is quite similar to my other artwork post before... if you can scroll it down same idea.

Thank you, I will surely look and read more about your work!

the censored private of a woman is still important to me i dont want other woman to disgrace theyre self to there private part. as woman its your choice tho if you like to share it or not. and for my point of view i actually dont care showing my body nothing to be ashamed with but because i do respect it i keep it some part as censored and hidden.