Mermaid 3D Printing Miniature Design

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Hi. I hope you're all doing great.
This month I would like to guide you to the mysterious depths of the oceans. There we will meet some familiar creatures as well as some more mysterious and elusive inhabitants of the ocean. There are many deep sea and underwater secrets that these creatures may hold. Who knows what kinds of treasures they keep hidden away in their kingdoms?

Lets start with...


Ladies of the sea waves, daughters of the storm. Some of them seem friendly to humans, but for most of them we just serve as toys in their cruel games. Beware of their tempting song if you don't want to share the fate of many unwary sailors and get lured to your watery grave.









Modeled and rendered in Blender
Thank you for your time!


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Are the scales armour/clothes or just there in which case why are there mammaries? :D

Don't actually mind me too much I always overthink anatomy x_x it makes me wonder things like are the tentacles on the front functional or aesthetic.

Meanwhile this actually looks fantastic.

Oh no, you're asking dangerous questions ;) But if I was trying to make mermaids more realistic I'd say scales are part of her body, and she is a mammal closer to a walrus or dolphin (I know aquatic mammals don't have scales). Most sea mammals are usually pretty vocal too, so her songs would also make more sense.
I've added the tentacles there so the human anatomy and fish part transition is a bit smoother, especially on the back side - I wanted her to have her curves, and fish body with human butt just glued to it looked kind of weird ;) Also, thanks for commenting!

wanted her to have her curves, and fish body with human butt just glued to it looked kind of weird

Bahahaha it does rather, I have similar issues with centaurs (where people have had the human hips AND the horse shoulders purely because they want the curves, but anatomically the human hips should probably BE the horse shoulders XD), I do love the thought you put into the design :D

I always try to cover it with armor or clothing on centaurs. Some mythical creatures are pretty crazy. I try to not overthink it....does a centaur have double the number of organs for both human and horse body parts?

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Thanks! Would you have a minute to explain what you did there? Tried to look on discovery-it group but couldn't find anything.

Hi we are a curation group, have you tried to click on the various links?
I leave you some references here

Ah I see. I am still learning how all the things work on hive. Thanks for the links!

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