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RE: Pointillism ladybug drawing

in #hive-1565093 months ago

This is amazing art and the ladybug is definitely one of my favorite insects too ( together with butterflies and dragonflies ( You got to love those names! )

I hope you don't mind that I set this drawing as my desktop background, for now.
As long as I can't afford your art and I can't pay for it ( aside from in upvotes and tips ), this will need to make do ;<)

Um abraço,



Thanks Vincent! Ohhh my drawing as your wallpaper... That is so cool! Glad that my ladybug is going to get you smiling every day🐞😊Hug🤗

It sure helps, as one of many things that improve my mood throughout the day


Very good, I am happy for you Vincent😊🤗