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Hello dear Hivers!!! I hope they are all very well.

More than a week absent but I have returned and I do it with a commission for the @smanuels project, the idea he gave me was of a Serpent/Dragon that was in the desert. Well, he said he had creative freedom to do it so I took advantage of it 😊.

I must admit that this drawing brought me many tears 😣😥😭 and several bad words 🤐 something strange for me 🤣, I am a good girl who does not say bad words, but damn😤! It took me a long time to finish this design, there were several the number of times I had to do this illustration again 😵 mmmmmm my computer is a bit crazy and it made me lose the PSD file several times.

At the time of making the head I made several changes, well the truth is that I wanted to make some changes to make it a little different and @smanuels accepted it, which seemed great to me.


To start with the creation (One of the many times🙄) of this drawing I did not work with lines, I just made some spots and I was working adding the details, the idea of ​​making the bones a bit floating has occurred to me by mistake, a change in size and well I really liked how it looked and I left it like that hehehhe. In this step you can see the different face that he had, the more perished a dragon.


In this part I added an armor that I designed for the character and made several changes to the background, well the truth is that it changed quite a lot on many occasions and I continued fighting a bit with the depth, so that it looked somewhat distant.


In step you can see how I changed many things, mainly the head, something with the position that looked somewhat straight and I wanted to give it a little more movement, since the bones were separated, it occurred to me to put a kind of power that keeps them there floating in a certain way the character has that power within.



For the end I added the light that is supposed to be from the environment, I also added a shadow to integrate the character more to the stage🤔, hmmm oh in the background I did some things but that does not look so much, so it does not matter much lol. I finished making some adjustments and had the artwork ready.




Wacom Bamboo Tablet


Grateful to all of you for seeing and supporting my new work, I would be very happy if you leave me in the comments your opinions and criticisms regarding this style or my work. His criticisms help me to grow and encourage me to work harder to improve my art.


See you soon dear community, thank you for viewing and supporting my publications. 😜


Copyright @yanes94 - All rights reserved.

Brutaaaal!!!! 🐉🐉🐉

 4 years ago  

Hola amor, que tal?... gracias por verlo!!! ;)

De nada 😁
Todo chevere!!! mira mi ultimo post 😉 hice un monstruo/demonio 👹

 4 years ago  

hehehehehe si querido ya lo vi y te quedó de maravilla, deberías hacer mas personajes así en ese estilo. <3 <3 <3

🥺🤗 graciaaas!💙

 4 years ago  

You do fantastic art so I started following you. Very cool!

 4 years ago  

hehehehe that good!!! Thank you very much @eirik, I hope you like my new jobs even more. ;)

Welcome and regards !!! <3 <3 <3

They will probably be very beautiful.
Good luck!

 4 years ago  

I hope lol

Te quedo genial esta bestia serpiente o gusano monstruoso del desierto, ya veo de lo que me hablaste sobre la iluminación, la cual esta muy bien aplicada, lo que mas me gusto es la mirada que no muestra ira sino que se ve como un animal salvaje en su entorno.

 4 years ago  

hehehehehe justo eso es lo que no quería pero a la final no supe como hacerle, bueno, quizás si pude mejorarlo pero realmente estaba cansada de tantos días con la misma ilustración... me refiero a la mirada, quería que se viera mas como si estuviera enojado y atacando pero bueh. ;)

Gracias amor, me alegra que te haya gustado. <3 <3 <3

Para lograr una mirad ira o muy intimidante solo hay que exagerar las cejas y que estas cubran parte del ojo, si quieres mira mi dibujo blanco y negro [CR] An Unexpected End Horrible donde dibuje a un mosntruo con esa mirada de atacar

 4 years ago  

Vale, amor... lo buscare, y si hago eso pero con personas normales pero en este caso como era una criatura me bloquee un poco, pero nada sera para la próxima. ;)

Saludos amor.

Está brutaaal!!!! Wooooow!!!! Tiene muchos detalles y la iluminación está al 100!!!! Quisiera que mi voto valiera más!!! 😱😱😱

 4 years ago  

No te preocupes amiga, se que siempre estas apoyándome y así tu voto sea de 0$ igual te agradezco que siempre estés apoyando de una u otra manera mis publicaciones. ;)

Saludos y muchas Gracias!!! <3 <3 <3

Now there's something you wouldn't want to run into in a dark alleyway (or anywhere else for that matter) XD I love the greeny yellowy electricity sizzly things!

 4 years ago  

OH! Clear! I agree with you, I wouldn't want to see him anywhere. Something funny happened to me when I was drawing the teeth of the animal (before I lost the drawing for the third time; (...) because they scared me a little heheheeh and at night I was dreaming about the drawing, I woke up quickly.

Thanks for stopping by here! it's always nice to see you.

Eres amazing!!!!!! <3 te voy a contratar para que me hagas una ilustración, se puede? ^-^

 4 years ago  

Gracias bebe!
OH! Claro, solo aclárame para que me quieres contratar, yo le entro a todo (o.o) kikikikiki.

solo aclárame para que me quieres contratar, yo le entro a todo

(O.O) upaa.. te alquilas como media naranja?

 4 years ago  

No, solo como naranja completa. XD

Ohhh perfecto ^-^

 4 years ago  

Gracias amor, estoy pendiente con tu comisión... esta semana me pongo en eso. ;)

jajajaj abrazoo

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Yanes, podrías ayudarme por favor? Es que vi un comentario que dejaste en el anterior concurso de splinterlands y dijiste que vendiste los paquetes y me gustaría saber como 😟
Saludos y muchas por leer mi comentario.

 4 years ago  

Saludos @luislrt, es fácil cariño, te vas a la parte donde se abren los paquetes comprados o ganados y al lado de ellos salen (...) 3 puntitos, le das allí y te abre la opción de convertirlos en tokens y mandarlos a Steem-Engine o Hive-Engine y luego los cambias por la moneda que quieras.

Disculpa por responder tarde y dime si no pudiste cambiarlos. ;)

Gracias, ya vi el botón =) aun que preferí abrirlos pero esta vez no me salio nada bueno jejejeje xD

 4 years ago  

ah ok que bien que ya sabes!!! y si, eso es lo malo de abrirlas ya que a veces no sale nada bueno. :(

Que hermoso, eres hermosa por eso te salen así.

 4 years ago  

WOW!!! me sonrojas, hehehehehe muchas gracias cariño. ;)

Es que eres una de las mejores artistas.

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 4 years ago  

De verdad que de tanto decírmelo me lo voy a terminar creyendo... va a ser tu culpa ok. ;)

Si por favor que sea mi culpa.