The tale of the Lost padlock- A RESPONSIBILITY


It was a sunny afternoon when the family was enjoying their lunch. The mother asked his son to go and buy soda as a thirst quencher after eating. While the son bought soda they continued eating until the son arrived and finished his food.

Everyone cleaned the table and took a short nap. As the mother was closing the doors she noticed that the main gate had no padlock anymore. She asked her son where is the padlock on the front gate. They always closed the gate since they were living in a slum area where a lot of people went into houses and looked at what they could get.

The son just answered "I don't know!, when the mother heard his answer she got mad and raised her voice. "How can you not know since you were the last one to close the gate, go and find it," the mother said. The son kept on finding anywhere, he even followed the child who was in the gate before the padlock was lost. But he missed where the child went.


He came back bringing nothing but an empty reaction. The mother keeps nagging while the son and the father just look around. Tracing the path where could it be placed or misplaced. Even in the dish area, they could not find it. The mother raises her voice again that they should be responsible for all the things in the house. She recalled the past mistakes of the son regarding the gate being closed every day, The mother kept on reminding everyone in the house to close the gate every day but many times they always left it open.


The tension arises as the mother recalls the past irresponsibility of the son. Then the son changes his image into an angry man and shows it to his mother wants to rebel. Even the mother noticed his angry son but she's still lecturing on what should be doing.


The mother just wanted her son to be responsible, it is only a padlock, and they can buy a new one and replace it, but the mother insisted that she wanted her son to be more responsible. Responsibility is taking good care of things even if you were not told to take care of them. It costs money to buy a new one, especially nowadays when all commodities are rising.


The whole afternoon was silent, the father talked to the son to just accept that he was wronged. "Why can you not recall where you put the padlock after you went in and out to buy soda"? And why can you just say I forgot where I put it, but you get angry with your mother since she was telling the truth"?. You should not be angry with your mother. Your reaction worsens the situation. You should not be prideful, and rebel to your mother" the father said.


At dinner time everyone was at the table, the son did not eat while everyone was eating. The father asks his son to start eating. A moment of silence until the son bursts into tears asking his mother to be patient with him. The mother talked to his son about how important being responsible is. She always taught her children everything and it makes a mother sad when your children are not doing what you taught. The night was over as the family forgave one another. Forgiveness must be the virtue of every family.

It was just a lost padlock but everyone learns a lesson.
Children are the reflection of the parents, it is so sad nowadays that the children are so weak because of the law given in our country. We were raising a weak generation, if we too parents were not disciplining and teaching our children what would happen to the generation to come? As parents, we should be tough in bringing them up.

Thank you for reading my story, I hope you enjoy it. See you on my next blog.

NOTE: some photos were edited from Canva.


This is such a good way to teach a child. What an amazing story @chimegipamus

Thank you for reading @phoennix09. May it be an inspiration to all.

I agree with you Ma'am @chimegipamus
Parents' tough love to their children is better than being soft to them. Children who experienced tough love are more responsible.

I really learned something from you, thank you for sharing this wonderful story ma'am @chimegipamus !

As a mother I will also teach my kids how to be a responsible one, thank you for sharing it with us.@chimegipamus

poor generation😣

Us parents it's our responsibility to teach our children to be more independent .