My 70-year old Girl

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I'm told that for every one year a dog ages, it is equivalent to seven years in human years. If so, my girl Jetti lovely just turned into 70 years old ...'s hard to believe that my girl is a 70-year old LADY now; however, I'm so grateful that she's still healthy and full of energy !!!

70- year old Jetti Jetti gets more excuses to sleep more and more. It makes sense that as an "old lady" she needs her rest, but I can't help but feel a little guilty when I see her curled up asleep on the couch all day, lol, and I also become a sleepyhead like her !! 😂

70- year old Jetti Jetti is still scared of the noise of the door opening as she was on day one. It's incredible that after all these years, her fear has not diminished even in the slightest, lol.

70- year old Jetti Jetti has always been a big and tough dog, confidently barking at smaller dogs that cross her path and yet surprisingly submissive when it comes to bigger ones, 😂

70- year old Jetti Jetti has so many active dreams, it may look odd, but it's actually quite normal Have you ever seen your pup twitching and barking in their sleep? Jetti does every night lol

70- year old Jetti Jetti is starting to slow down, one thing that hasn't changed is her habit of scratching her ears! Silly girl has been told for years not to do it, and she never listens

70- year old Jetti Jetti despite her age, she hasn't lost her passion for going outside and discovering new things. She always joy in something as simple as going on a stroll around our neighbourhood or in the park with me.

70- year old Jetti Jetti every time wants something to eat, she will sit quietly looking into her bowl before turning her gaze towards me. It's so endearing behaviors and melts my heart (with that poor eyes, lol) Such a cute girl, of course, I'll feed her :)

On her birthday, I made sure to make it extra special by making her some delicious homemade dumplings without onions as well as I also gave her treats whenever she wanted them so she could really feel celebrated. It was heartwarming to see how excited she was for her special day and the extra attention she received. 😘

Well, I also decided to splurge on some special treats for us on her birthday, such assteaks and cheese cakes. What I thought would be a fun celebration ended up with me being the one devouring them all! Lol, sorry Jetti, sometimes things don't go as planned !!

She is well-behaved, gorgous and a good girl so no matter what she does, she truly is adorble. It was a long, hard road to get to this point, but I proudly say that Jetti has come a long way! Before she was the sweet and obedient pup she is today, she used to be quite destructive. She had a bad habit of ruining all things around her from blankets to beds, toys to plants. It was incredibly frustrating and discouraging at times, yet her dad never gave up on her. 🤗

It's a bittersweet milestone when she reaches her 10th birthday. She's been an important part of my life. It's emotional knowing she's getting older, I can't imagine how it would be one day she's not around. I'm so grateful the joy and loyalty she've brought into our life, and more important I ensure she stays healthy and happy. 😊

I'm going to walk her now before I'm off to work :) I love first pic, lol, she sat on her bum like humans

Jetti Speaghetti sleepyhead hungry leaky stinky farty funny fluffy hairy but lovely ❤️

Love you

Do you have any funny or heartwarming stories involving your beloved pooch? I'm looking forward to hear it

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Jetti is gorgeous, happy birthday wee one 💙
Age is only a number, she is a small dog so 10 is still quite young.

She is 32 kg 😂 not typical small dog at all 😊 She is Rotti Cross but still try to get on my lap

hehe I used to have big Alaskan Malamutes and trust me 32 kilos is small dog to me , try having a 150 pound Malamute who insists he is your lapdog 🤣🤣🤣

150 pounds ... yes close to 70 kgs!

So for others she might not be, but for me she is a pup to me :)

Really? Thats a horse, haha kidding 😂 I'm a little girl so Jetti is already a big girl in my world 😊

He was like a little horse, kids would get on his back and we would take them round the garden🤣
Seriously though Jetti is gorgeous and I am Scottish so we call everything wee no matter the size, but yes you are both wee girls so there we go. I vaguely seem to remember 25 kg was a cut off point, once over that a dog becomes a big dog, I remember some countries had muzzle laws like that, over the 25 kilos they needed a muzzle out in public, and I was wtf have you seen the damage those ankle biters do to you!

Anyway do give Jetti a wee Birthday hug from me 🤗

Wow lucky kids riding their wee horse around the garden, would be such fun 😂. Yes some rules are funny and same here in Australia. Muzzles are put on at the owner's discretion if needed in public. Silly how some ppl really need a licence to bring up a dog but not yet necessary. However, a licence is required for most snakes and reptiles

Jetti sent back a wee hug 😊

She genuinely looks really well for her age. Her coat is still shiny and not too many grey hairs. Damn, I'm only 56 and look like I'm 80! Damn you daaawg!

Keep well and happy young lady :-)

She is well active and very spoilt girl, (also gets her good looks from her Mommy 😂) I can only hope to be as pretty as her when I'm 70 😂😂😂

Aww, this is sweet :) Happy Birthday Jetti! Such a charming lady :) Btw the math here is not so accurate, our Charlie (poodle) lived to the age of 18 years (real years), which would be 126 dog years :) I mean Jetti can still be with you for a few more years ;)

Wowww really 18 that a good age!!! I do hope she stay as long as possible. She brings so much fun and joy into my life each day 😊

I can imagine :)

What a beautiful dog and nice post about her. Glad you could have some treats on her special day! :)

@tipu curate

Much appreciated it @magicmonk

Happy birthday Jetti! 😍 such big girl :D

Jetti said "thank you" to sis @hiddenblade ❤️

In pretty good shape for her age I guess and good mood too :)
Happy birthday woof woof !

She walks every single day in her life :) very healthy and fit girl ^^

I think you are a dog lover,and sometimes you feel fever in her/his love...

I love her dearly ❤️ she likes a daughter to me 😃

Yay! 🤗
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