Hive Twitter Army

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Hive Twitter Army

This community is there to promote hive and organize marketing campaigns. Everyone is welcome, together we are stronger than any other social network.

Why should we organize ourselves?

In the still young history of hive, one or the other fight was fought on social media.

As a result, many people found out about hive. Vitalik also Tweet about hive and exchanges have listed Hive and HDB.

Organized actions are infinitely strong, especially when it comes to onboarding.

Many influences have never heard of Hive. But they run the risk that their content will be censored or deleted. That is exactly why they are the kind of people who should have a great interest in hive.

What's more, we can reward campaigns with our reward system. This is a great opportunity.

Our Goal

  • More awareness
  • more exchanges
  • more users
  • more content creator
  • more developers
  • show new users all the great possibilities on hive

Is that doable? Yes!!!!

Why? Because when we show people how great and strong the hive community is, they automatically want to be part of it.

We will show the world that the value is the community. And that will lead Hive to victory.

Only Twitter?

No, everyone can join in on any social network


aweseome idea! are you adding people to a Twitter list so you can tag everyone when we blast stuff out?

everyone can join the community. The idea is to spread news about Hive quickly and efficiently on social networks.

Yes there will be a Twitter list, but it takes time to add all users that want to be part of.

i really appreciate you like the Idea, thanks for you donation! :)

awesome idea!