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I took this photo of a baked cheesecake and tea at Hachiman Doutor yesterday (February 1, 2024).

Smartphones are very convenient. I also use my iPad, but I don't use it much except for listening to music. I really think that the only way to connect to the Internet is with a smartphone, as long as the mobile data communication is not limited and the communication speed is not slowed down.

They will be closing today.(Doutor in Hachiman) The people of Hachiman-cho will no longer have a place to relax. A drugstore, whose name I forget, will come to the site of the Doutor. I was disappointed because I was expecting a cafe, whether it be Veloce or Starbucks, to come. Yesterday I asked the clerk if there will be a next place of employment for her when they're closed. She told me that she has found a job at the new drugstore that is coming soon. She told me to come today.

It is midnight in Japan now. I am going to see a psychiatrist today.

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