Romance & Drama ~ The Garden of Words - Explanation & Review

The Garden of Words


Director: Makoto Shinkai
Writer: Makoto Shinkai
Genre: Romance & Drama
Awards won: 2

Spoilers Ahead!


The animation is the what really made me want to watch this anime. The stairs scene has caught my attention towards it. This is definitely the most amazing animation in every anime I have ever seen. The artwork is pretty much overwhelming for me it is absolutely stunning. To be honest I don’t have any words to describe about the animation in the trailer. It’s 11 years old but it does not feel like it through the animation I felt it was released few days ago.


The protagonist Takao is a dreamer he wants to become a shoemaker. Most of the times he skips school to sketch shoes in a garden which is settled in the middle of Tokyo. One day, he meets a woman her name is Yukino she looked older than him and very mysterious. Then without telling each other the times to meet they started to meet each repeatedly, but it was only on rainy days. They both would appear when it’s raining. They both discovers their feelings which blossoms in the Garden of Words.



The story beings with a boy called Takao who is 15 years old and his biggest dream is to be a shoemaker. On the other side there is a woman her name is Yukari Yukino. She is a mysterious woman who is 27 years old. Takao keeps meeting this woman at the garden on rainy mornings. Because He is skipping his classes to design shoes as he is very aspiring towards his dreams. Yukari is also coming here everyday to avoid work because of some problems in her professional life. Both of them would appear only on rainy days. At first Yukari did not tell Takao anything about herself she even did not tell her name. While Takao is like a open book and opens up to her.


He started to share his passion for shoes and also offers Yukari to make a pair of shoes for her. When Takao slowly learns about the woman’s identity then their emotions reaches their head as both of them learned that all of this time they were teaching each other "how to walk". There is a huge age difference between them. Still both of them were developing some feelings between them.


When the end of the rainy season arrives he decided to stop visiting the park and wanted to keep his focus on his work. During the summer break, Takao has returned to his school and then he saw Yukari again and he discovers that she is a teacher and she always got targeted of bullying and gossip. To avoid these problems Yukari decided to avoid her work and goes to the park. At that time she was hoping to learn to overcome her fears. However, it did not work so she quits her job and left the school. After that in the afternoon, at the park Takao meets Yukari and greets her by reciting a poem. Then thunderstorm appears they both got soaked and they headed to Yukari's apartment and both of them spend their time together in the afternoon.


When Takao decides to confess his love he does it and Yukari got moved by this confession and also reminds him that she is a teacher. She also adds that she is gonna move back to her hometown. Then Takao began to leave by the stairs and then Yukari could realise her mistake as she feared of losing she runs after him.


Then Takao takes his words back for her and and complains about Yukari for being secretive because she is never sharing anything with him. After that Yukari hugs him and both of them started to cry. She started to explain that the time they has spend together in the garden have saved her.


In the end you can see Takao barely passed his final exams and he is still working towards his dreams, on the other hand Yukari moves back to her hometown and resumes her job of being a teacher and continues with this career. One day, Takao decided to visit the park again and reads a letter received from Yukari and then he places the shoes he made for her on the bench then he takes a vow to find Yukari after he makes a progress with his career.


The beautiful animation does not need to be mentioned. I have dropped my works to watch this movie and I am not disappointed at all. Well, if you have interests in stories like forbidden love then you will like this movie very much because this anime involves a young man struggling to fulfil his goals in life. In all of these he falls for an older woman who is a teacher and they somehow began to help each other find their way. It's absolutely worth watching so I would highly recommend it to you all.

I think everyone should watch it because the storyline is pretty realistic and the rainy season vibes. I cried when she was running after him and they embraced each other. This movie has a very deep concept about real life as like if you want something then you have to stand up and raise your voice for it. Also, I learned that you gotta get out of your comfort zone to choose what you need in life.


I would say it’s a great movie to watch. It’s very simple and realistic. It might be a little bit controversial because of the age gape but still it is good as a movie.


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Just today Sunday we were at home thinking that it would be a good idea to see, since we had the visit home of our two daughters and taking a look at the various posts recently published in #TheAnimeRealm and I found yours, almost recently published and I loved this movie, I have it downloaded to see in a while, Thanks for your post.

Wow that's great I hope you will have a great time while watching it.

This movie was quite short, but impactful. This is one of the underrated films by Makoto Shinkai, I must say. I guess it's quite "serious" compared to the newer ones. But still great! :D

It is actually very much underrated than I thought, my friends don't even know about its existence lol.

Thought so... It deserves more love, though 🥰

Was the audio an issue in some places? In both the English dub and sub when I watched it a few months ago, there were several points where the rain and background audio overpowered the dialogue. I was watching it on HiDIVE (an officially licensed streaming platform that rarely has that issue). Thanks

Actually I don't care about the dub that much I only watch to understand which could be in English dub or English dub I just want to know about the story.

It was probably just the official stream release then. The audio was poorly mixed for both English and Japanese was what I meant. I forgot that calling Japanese the subbed version might have been confusing. I sample both depending on the series or film. You’re the first person I’ve seen talk about the film here and other places too. Thanks for replying.

Yeah, it can be a little bit confusing because of the language barrier anyways, I am glad at least I got to know the story 😂. I actually didn’t notice the difference because I have only watched the English dub. Actually I prefer dub even though they don’t sound good because I watch only while eating and can’t focus on sub and food at the same time lol.

Quite a bit of spoilers but meh...
The anime sounds like a blast of emotions 😃✨

Would give it a view✨

I have said everything from the beginning to the end lol. I also gave spoilers alert 🤧 haha

But I think you can still enjoy it.

I watched this with friends and it was really an incredible movie. I was actually surprised this work is Makoto Shinkai because it seems this movie wasn't as famous as his other movies. But it's a gem. 😉

I agree, I think the animation is superb on this one.

The story is very simple nothing extra ordinary but I felt really good after watching it.


I watched this together with friends over discord. I see @wittyzell mentioned it first here. It was good. It was short from the usual anime films but it didn't need to be long to get the story out.

Wow, I don't have anyone to watch with. I just watch everything by myself also, I don't think anyone would like to company me because I skip a lot 🤣.

are we friends? 😂 joke

The films of Makoto Shinkai are characterized by having an excellent animation, I haven't seen this one in particular, but I'm going to encourage myself to watch it!

Yeah, sure watch it whenever you like I think you won't be disappointed.

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Welcome ji 😀

hello... I've been looking for the name of this movie for a long time, every now and then I saw some short film on the internet and I always forgot to write down the name. Really makoto is a great director, all his productions for me are a 10.

a big hug

I also like his every anime he has worked on.

Thanks for supporting.


I think that since 10 years ago and a little more the graphics in anime productions and others are solid enough depending on several factors but the point is that the quality is already for years, I think many times it fails because of the workload they have because perhaps a team is assigned several anime, in my ignorance I think that could be what affects graphically several stories, nice to see you called the attention of this story for that graphic aspect 😃/


Pienso que desde hace 10 años y un poco mas los graficos en producciones anime y otras son lo suficientemente solidas dependiendo de varos factores pero el punto es que la calidad ya esta desde hace años, pienso muchas veces se falla por la carga de trabajo que tienen porque tal vez a un equipo le asignan varios animes, en mi ignorancia pienso pudiera ser eso lo que afecta graficamente varias historias, grato ver te llamo la atención esta historia por ese aspecto gráfico 😃/

It is very thoughtful for me because this kind of animation is not common in the paste time.


For example the animation of kimetsu no yaiba i like it, is important the studio and i think this production was produced by a very good one


Por ejemplo la animación de kimetsu no yaiba me gusta, es importante el estudio y creo que esta producción fue realizada por uno muy bueno


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I have watched almost all the movies published by Makoto Shinkai and this is one of those it was rather short but the most interesting thing was it's best animation, calm scenes with an exceptional storyline.

This is on my list, knowing that it won 2 awards it must be good (^_^)