Why No Upvotes? Just Community Management Things~

Let's say you have the privilege to reward your community members more rewards for their posts, would you be motivated to just hand out those benefits if you were given an essay that users didn't show effort at all?

Rewarding people in the community isn't easy as it looks. On one hand, you want to hand out more rewards so that people could be more motivated to show up some activity in the community, on another hand, people will eventually get used to the idea that each time they share something here they get instant $. Put a little more time in the routine and you'll see some slips in the quality people make because it's unrealistic to expect that each post would be better than before.

Eventually people would get lazy and put lesser effort in their writing but expect to get the same treatment. This is how entitlement catches users on the platform without them knowing it. You keep rewarding users a constant supply of votes and they'll start expecting it. When the votes don't come, they start to wonder whether they did something wrong or favoritism, most of the time there's nothing wrong, it's just that votes here come with a limited voting power and curation community accounts like @ocdb is stretched across different communities.

There's also the reputation levels especially users above 70 which makes it hard for some nominations for votes to push through. I know reputation levels don't really mean much here except they show a badge of tenure on the platform. If an account has reached this threshold, it just means they are expected to know that rewards don't come often as they used to because curation communities would favor new users with lower rep starting out.

So if they still want to get rewarded, they either step up their game or just be consistently good and active in the community much more than the average lower rep user because that's how it works when you're trying to give chance to other users that want to grow on the platform.

While it's generally nobody's business to tell you what you do with your rewards earned from the platform, at some point everyone should've considered leaving some portions of their earnings staked so that they can still earn something from their accounts despite the lack of votes on their posts.

What else is there being factored into the curation? each curator has a different way of determining whether the post gets nominated for some votes so that answers some inconsistencies in the voting patterns. We're generally looking for people that are active in the sense that they do more than just post, they also interact with other users too.

If you believe that loyalty can't be bought, then I think we're in the same wavelength if I say love bombing a user with upvotes isn't going to make them stay active in the community when the well dries up.

If running a community were that easy, everyone would be doing it if they were aiming for a decent community build. As an admin of the community page, it's not just picking post for rewards that we do, we also need to come up with ways to keep activity going to a certain level to remain eligible for support by OCD and show proofs of accountability.

You check a post, does it look nice? did you read about the context? was it written with AI? is it plagiarized? prove it? does the author deserve only a small vote or a large vote? recommend it or no? is the author actively engaging on Hive? in the community? has this author been tied to shady activities in the past? what else has this author been doing? are you sure it's not someone's alt account trying to game the curation? is the author doing a community hoping spree where they shift posts on different communities regularly to maximize exposure and fish for votes? how often are these authors rewarded? what's the personality of this author? do you think this is someone you'd want to be in your community?

So many questions on the checklist per author and per post, and repeat it multiple times over and over for the past weeks, eventually you end up being worn down especially when some authors are caught abusing your goodwill or just give up because they didn't get a damn vote for their half-baked essay. It's easy to make a post about an anime you like, say a few lines here, put a picture and links to sources and what not, then you're done.

We're curators, we also know the drill in the routine and we know from your point of view how it can be frustrating when you don't get some votes for your effort.

Sometimes it's not your post of you that's the problem. Sometimes it's just your success.

We can see the pending rewards for the account over the week and tell if the author has already been well rewarded. This makes it hard for a nomination.

Sure, anyone can tell us subjectively what is well and under rewarded but if your post is earning an average of 1$, you're doing far better than more than half of the accounts on the platform but you'll still feel bad because it potential payout for your effort didn't mount enough to meet your expectations. But that's just it, if we keep recommending the same accounts that are doing well, that also defeats the purpose of incentivizing other users to participate on the platform.

And it's not like each post shared here in the community page is valuable, how many authors here can actually claim that their posts has reached at least 30 views per post on the platform despite having more than 10$ displayed on the payout.

Those curation compilations we published isn't only a means to reward the admins for running this community, it's also a community receipt on which post and authors were supported. If anyone else noticed the names on the reports, you'll see recurring ones because who else would this community prefer to reward but the people that frequently show up to be active.

As for the engagement part, while it's encouraged, you can't expect people to relate to whatever you're into when being passionate about a show you like. I know Naruto, Demons Slayer, Attack on Titan, and probably about the show you're featuring on the post. I don't need listen to what you think when I can formulate my own opinions about the show and am probably not interested in the review post, this isn't to say you're at fault here, it's just that if you're talking about some mainstream content, everyone already has an idea and they'll value their own take over yours.

You can make the best post about Naruto but I'll still be uninterested because I'm not into the show or already watched it. It's not you. It's the content you're dishing out that lacks novelty and you're likely not the first person to post about a review on Naruto or how great one character is on a popular show. And put yourself into your reader's shoes, would you also be interested in hearing the same thing you already knew about? so why do you think this kind of content really draws in value? - adamada.

@wittyzell, @musicandreview and my account @adamada can just do fine on our own without this community existing because there's more opportunities to be made with our time than be tied down to curation and community organizing here. It's an extra chore but we do it for kicks and giggles because we like anime and having a community about that on Hive would be nice. The Anime Realm had a phase when it was abandoned and collected dust.

Let's try to keep the ship floating and put more activity in the place.

Thanks for your time.


I admit that if I have felt a little bad when a post does not have the desired remuneration, but I always try to put all my effort in every post I do. I also don't like to talk about mainstream anime, for the same reason, it is somewhat redundant for me to talk about them (and more if they are in full broadcast) because other members of the community will also talk about it, plus I have had experience with those anime, they are a bit problematic, if I dare to say that I didn't like something, I can even get banned by fans (it hasn't happened to me here in the community haha) I like to talk more about movies or other series that I know are not mainstream or so popular for new people to discover them. Anyway I've felt welcome in the community and even if sometimes I don't do it, I like to interact with other creators.

A lot of the time, the post would've been recommended for votes but the author is already well compensated relative to their previous posts and pending payout and it also doesn't help that the author is already above 70 rep. These factors are beyond the control of the author and it's not because their post was anything bad, it's just suffering from success.

As for averting the mainstream content, I can relate. Though I would post mainstream content depending on how much I like the subject rather than trying to force standing out from the crowd. I just started liking non-mainstream content because I want to put my headspace in a content consumer perspective, why would I be interested in something less novel? and that's just how I go about approaching my posts.

This postbin a very long way helped to answer a lot of the questions I have in my head when at times I don't get the remuneration I expected despite the effort I put in.
Thanks so much fir this. I agree with you, one has to think outside the box and do what people would appreciate and engagement is a key thing

There's no consistent way to earn on Hive unless you buy Hive, stake it and earn from the tokens yourself. Anything earned from posting is no guarantee and you'll be at the mercy of the crowd taking a liking on what you post. Sometimes you just get votes out of pity or from people that aren't even into what you're really posting. The solid advice that works is engagement because people recognizing you more increases your chances of getting noticed but it's not really a guarantee the people would be supporting can give big votes.

I've been on the platform for almost 7 years now and I've seen people come and go... A lot of them were discouraged because of the low upvotes or support, but I must say it's much better these days especially that communities exist. In the past, you really have to find individuals who are in the same wavelength as you. I'm just glad that you guys revived this community. I enjoy hanging around here recently and it's much easier to find like-minded people. I have stayed on this site for this long because I find joy in writing and in socializing with people. Although there are times when I'm busy in the real world and don't visit as often, but I always come back. I always think that the upvotes and the monetary benefit I get here is a great bonus. However, I must say, writing about something I like or enjoy has always been my passion. Imagine my really long post yesterday (gaming community), it almost didn't get any upvotes, but I was satisfied making it. I just wanted to put my thoughts about the game into writing. :)

Anyway, I'm truly grateful to you admins for reviving this community. It's now another place for me to relax and talk about anime and the like. Keep up the great job and I hope the community members would value your effort in managing this community. :) See you around!

It's easier to post for the sake of a hobby that monetary gains become a side perk rather than a main reason. That's why some people can last longer because they like what they share than worry about whether what they share can put food on the table. Community management is still hobby time so I don't really mind keeping things here chill. Thank you.

Community management is still hobby time so I don't really mind keeping things here chill. Thank you.

That's great to know, then... You're welcome. :)

Keep active, that's my motto when a post doesn't receive the curators' vote and for example, I have a long time of inactivity in the community and with this month's initiative, I hope to have the necessary activity of the last weeks of February.

I know it can frustrate several users who are proud of their posts and unfortunately do not receive the support they thought, but that's why you have to stay active.

I adopted the stance of posting here as a hobby and commenting only when I feel I want to, it's much easier to deal with when a post doesn't get the credit you think it deserves, plus if you look at it all a vote from those curators only translates to a little more than a couple of bucks, so you don't miss out on much, it's better to interact, make friends and enjoy the journey on Hive that way.

Congratulations for being transparent!

I think that we all once we have expected more votes from a publication in addition to abernos effort a lot, but the mistake is to believe that the post is going to like everyone and that is not always so, every time we go to write something you have to be more creative and have more imagination and try to reach potential readers with our stories.

We can see the pending rewards for the account over the week and tell if the author has already been well rewarded. This makes it hard for a nomination.

I never really understood this general rule. Especially when a lot of the top earners are making near $80 per post that are enforcing that rule to begin with. Admittedly over posts that aren't to the same degree of creativity or effort as those who make $10 consistently and considered "well rewarded".

I understand their point of view as curators and respect them. There is truly a lot to cut through in this matter, there are important criteria and others not so important, the truth is that curatorship is not simple.

As for the creation of content, each author has their own motivations when writing, some do it as a hobby, others out of necessity, etc., but ultimately thank you for touching on this issue and make the call of attention to the community.

Loved the way you clarified these points... Personally, it's not new to me but it feels so good to see this post up here atleast we all get to know that it all lies on making quality posts and then hands crossed...
I think the right thing should be setting the mindsets right... Our main should be to pen down our love for anime theoretically and then if the upvote comes, it's an added advantage but the joy of writing about our favourite animes should be enough drive already.

I'm wishing and hoping the Community all the best as I try in my own little way