Looking for new community moderators, helpers, curators and judges and more!

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ALIEN ART HIVE has now reached 5,348 subscribers ❤️ with tons of new amazing art being shared everyday! The goal has always been to decentralize as much as possible. We are now looking for additional moderators and a number of other positions so our members can have more control in shaping this space.

If you are interested in volunteering here are some potential roles that could use some help:

Community Moderator

As a community moderator you would be welcoming first time posters to the community by leaving comments, looking for spam or irrelevant posts and muting them, and rarely muting accounts that post plagiarized art.


We already have the incredible @castleberry working with OCD for the curations but we also have the curated content page on Peakd which is where people land when they choose to browse this community. Those posts get moved to the curated page after being voted by this account. There is very little stake behind these votes but a big responsibility to showcase great art in this community!

Community contest group

It would be fantastic to have a few members to manage our newest community contest, both to act as judges (or invite new judges) and to propose new themes and topics to challenge our artists


Twitter / X now has the ability to delegate posting authority to any account. Any number of people could have access to the official account to share beautiful art that gets posted here, community curations etc. If you are a twitter fanatic get in touch!

If any of these positions interest you shoot a message to @juliakponsford on the PeakD/sting chat. If you are using another frontend you can access the chat here: https://chat.peakd.com/ We would prefer to only add members of this community that have been posting here for some time :D

That's about it for now, keep being creative

Follow on twitter for community updates and art shares: https://twitter.com/AlienArtHive

If you want to join us and don't have a HIVE account get one here: https://hiveonboard.com/



If I could help I would do it. Will try to contact @juliakponsford at the weekend. Today and tomorrow I have to work a bit more 🙃

 7 months ago  

Awesome! Looks like notifications don't come to Peakd front end so I will check in from time to time :)

ok, I just checked and cant find a chat option here? If I am allowed I will contact you via discord? I am also in the alienart group there:) Hear you tomorrow...back to work now first.

 7 months ago  

I sent you a message on Peakd chat, lmk if you can find it lol

Hey @juliakponsford I see the message BUT cant open it...the buttons are not reacting at all :( anyway, I wrote you a DM via Discord on the weekend. Did you received it? Have a nice Monday. Read you soon.

 7 months ago  

weird, are you on mobile? I had issues with peakd chat on mobile which I reported to the team, I missed you Dm and just found it in the spam folder lol, will get back to you there :)

Ah cool, anyway, the message reached you 🌞 no, I use peakd-hive on my Microsoft surface go (laptop).
Have to check the chat on peakd-hive later after work again. Maybe it was just a small issue and works later again. Read you soon.

 7 months ago  

Sure discord is fine, the chat option on peakd is the little yellow icon on the upper right!

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Please share this tweet if you can!

Done! 🤟

 7 months ago  

Tks doze!

Done that and also left you a message in peaked chat or do. You perfer discod

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Thanks to all of you for expressing interest, I have created a group on peakd chat and sent you all invites. It seems some people are having issues with peakd chat and I am too LOL (I don't see any direct messages when I use the chat in PeakD but I can see them when I log in to the main DAPP on desktop!: https://chat.peakd.com/)

If you all prefer the group could be somewhere else (doscord/twitter?) but it seems easier on a HIVE app, see if you are able to access it and leave a message there if you find it :D

UPDATE made a private channel in the discord, if you are already there just say hello and I'll add you the role for access, if you aren't join here: https://discord.gg/7MJwShM

 6 months ago  

Going to add another mention here for @surrealworld and @eve66, if you would like to join the contest team please hop in the discord and say hello in chat and I'll add you to the room! https://discord.gg/7MJwShM

Hello @juliakponsford, hope you are fine. Sorry for the late reply. Sounds cool. I will check out discord tomorrow in the morning on my computer 👍🏼 thanks for the invitation. Sleep well.


@juliakponsford, @surrealworld(1/1) sent LUV. | connect | community | HiveWiki | NFT | <>< daily

Join in Hive General chat | Type ! help (no space) to get help on Hive. Info

Made with LUV by crrdlx

Thank you so much for the mention. I'm really glad that i would be giving back to the Hive community. I tried joining the group but it was not going through i would suggest that we use discord if its convenient for others

Thank you very much for the opportunity.
I think a server on Discord or Channel would be more suitable, Chat.PeakD still needs to be better worked on to be fully functional, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't.

Hi, @juliakponsford I would like to help in

Community contest group


If possible.

I took some 15 days off but I'm already active.


 7 months ago  

Excellent I will take note and get in touch!

Hello hello...Tried to contact you through the peakd chat on an interest in curation but I don't think it works out all the time

Hey @juliakponsford , I tried to get in touch with this chat integrated in PeakD, but it seems that sometimes there are problems with the Nodes, I would like to contribute to the Twitter or Community Contest Group, I was not very active in #AlienArtHive but I was in #LMAC, a collage community. I can say that I am a good appreciator of pixel art or digital drawing
I work and have it as a Hobby, my arts can be found in this publication: https://peakd.com/hive-140217/@wlffreitas/support-my-single-game-project-at-hive-i-present-to-you-life-bound-souls-a-2d-action-rpg

 7 months ago  

awesome sent you a group invite on peakd chat, see the mention for more details :)