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👑Hello Alien Art community👑

Today I bring you my participation to the weekly contest of splinterland, a little late the truth, have been weeks of great stress for me, because soon I will be graduating as an architect and there are too many preparations, the character I chose for this week is the TWISTED JESTER, and I transformed him into his female version, he is the right hand of the lord of darkness and he didn't come to cheer you up or to be the cause of your laughter, you really have to be careful because if he wants, he can make you spend the greatest of misfortunes, as in poker play your cards well.


Twisted Jester.png



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To start, I began with a sketch inspired by the character and a somewhat dark harlequin, adding bells, and poker cards, where for me the A of hearts represents life and the A of spades death, something like the analogy of two faces of batman, face you live, seal you die, these cards can define your destiny in the blink of an eye.



I took the color palette directly from the character, predominantly red, and as complementary black and purple, I started building the layers progressively, to give more value to the shadows, I love working with these tones, my dream would be to make a collaboration with splinterlands and that some of the cards would carry my art.



For the details, I experimented with making my own brush with a golden texture, and after applying glitters, textures and leftovers, I decided to put it to use and I was satisfied although the truth is that it is still missing, as final touches I added spades, diamonds and hearts, floating, because for me being with this character is a poker game, where luck can change in just one card.


hive 3.png

If you have come this far let me thank you for your support and company, it is very important to me, I invite you to follow me on my social networks in case you want to connect with me more directly and find out about my day to day and live processes of my illustrations, kisses and brillitos to where you are, I also remind you that I have open commissions agenda if you want to purchase a piece of my custom art.





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:O esta genial, los colores, los detalles, se ve muy dark felicitaciones buen trabajo

gracias corazon trato de mejorar semana con semana

This is some exceptional artwork! Great job all the way around. One of the best Jesters that i have seen so far.

Woah... I like her facial structure. She looks cute despite the name sounding like a roguish. 😊

Great job.
Keep it up.



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Nice piece.
Please I wanna ask, how do I get access to the cards on Splinterlands? I am new to it. Just set up an account and I want to make use of the cards as references.

Hola debes ingresar a la página del juego y allí registrarte con tu cuenta de hive , luego le vas a dar a cartas y allí te aparecerán , le das click a la que más te guste y de allí solo le das opción a Lore para ver la imagen del personaje mejor y su historia , en lo de las cartss puedes seleccionar en la barra de elementos la parte donde dice ver todas las cartas para tener mayor rango de personajes y más de donde escoger , mucha suerte !!

I am sorry but I do not understand what you mean.

This is what I see when I click on the cards


And when I click on any of the cards I get this popped message


@zellypearl hello, my friend @andreart99 and me are both native spanish speakers, but i will try to explain it in a way that you will understand me:

the game page opens with your hive username and password so you have to log in. to see the cards you don't need to log in but you need to have your cards in case you win an edition of the contest, so you'd better log in; so you'll have your prizes in case you win.

When you log in and go to the cards section you must click on the filter where it says: ( owned) and change it to ( ALL CARDS) so you will have an extensive list of all the players in the game. Then, choose one and make a fanart of it, just like the ones we do. they must look like the character don't forget them. and of course tell in your post which one inspired you and how was your creative process. Oh, I almost forgot; also remember to put the original image of the card in the post and the link.... so everyone knows who inspired you. Best of luck.

Oh, thank you very much for stepping out to help explain this to me.
Let me try what you just explained here.
I truly appreciate this kind gesture

I have tried this. But it is still not opening the Cards for me.
I have also changed it to All Cards like you said.


Ps: I created an account with an email and password, not with my Hive account. So I used the email and password to login

When I click on the Cards, it's showing that error or warning. So I can't view it.

Oh, or is it that the card won't be bigger than what I am seeing in the screenshot? Like a wider view? Is it always that small and not really visible? I doubt, cause I was able to view a wider range of what @andreart99 used as his reference card for the splinterlands site.

If possible, I recommend you to open the page from your desktop computer and not from your mobile device. I insist that you log in with your Hive account (unless you are not interested in winning the prize cards that are awarded to the top weekly) and yes, indeed apart from the thumbnail of the card there is something called "LORE" which is the image that you can see in several posts. And it looks much bigger and you can see the whole character. I hope it has helped you a lot of luck

Yeah! This has helped a lot and I will say a big thank you again chopiliart.

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Thanks for sharing! - castleberry#6859

Your illustration is spectacular, the colors, the composition, the details. I congratulate you for your work.

thx for your support honey!!!

Too brutal, I'm a big fan of this kind of characters and the shades of purple you chose gave him a special plus; it's a character that I haven't personally made for the dynamic, but every time I see him around it gives me many ideas for other drawings hehehehe.

Great work, I congratulate you very much :D....Greetings.

Omg I love this work so much, one of the best I've seen for the contest so far. Kudos

😍 esto quedo demasiado bien, me encanta, seria un skin genial para el juego

la verdad quisiera poder ver uno de mis artes en splinterlands

Creo que a muchos nos gustaría ver nuestro trabajo dentro del juego jajaja.
Felicidades por el primer lugar, muy marcido 😊