Nft giveaway for the Hive community!

With @brunonacif we have decided to do a giveaway for the Hive community because we are very happy with @nftshowroom, and #hive of course. So we will raffle 2 nftshowroom works, one of each: the 3/44 copy of The observer and the 5/22 copy of Awake
How to take part:
First you must have an account at @nftshowroom or a friend with one to host the work. You have to vote and share this post, and comment what your name is in nftshowroom which is where we will send the work. There will be 2 winners so I suppose the first one to be drawn will choose which work he / she prefers.
Maybe a week is too long but that's the time to vote and share that Hive has chosen so a week will be.

In case you want to buy some of these works or others, there are the links below each work.

"The observer" by Bruno Nacif
Jpg file - 2440 x 3210 px - 9.98 MB
Digital illustration
Total Edition(s): 41/44

"Awake" by Bárbara Bezina
Total Edition(s): 17/22
Digital art / Photomanipulation / Gif

Good luck to all of you and thank you for this beautiful community!

Bárbara Bezina ♥

canva / twitter / blog / makersplace


Thank you all for participating! Winners: @lordwinty, @insaneworks, @axeman, @stellabelle and @aemile-kh!
Please let us know if everyone received the work.

Thank you so much! I love my Awake. :)

You're welcome :))

Thank you so much! Very happy with this artwork!

You're welcome!!

Its a pleasure to have your art in own collection!

Nice Barbara. Good luck with the giveawy.

Thank you @rootdraws! Do you want to participate?

I'm doing my own giveaway on twitter right now. Thank you though. I just thought it was cool that you were doing it. Also, others are giving away things right now too, Kristyglas, with her dragonheads. I feel like Julia might also be giving away other things, but I'm not sure -- there's some kind of promotion on cryptovoxels right now for NFTShowroom having to do with billboards.

It doesn't matter if there are others giveaways, if you like the work you can participate or to share or whatever...but I got it, you don't want to Haha
👍 💕

As Your biggest fun I'm definitely in as @axeman of course :D (and sure I'm for "awake")

:D Good luck!!! 💜

Thank you for doing this :)

We are happy to do so! :)

Hey, cool art! Both are nice but Awake is the one that I would choose. Thanks for doing this. I'm in nftshowroom. :)

Yo are in @insaneworks! Good luck!

Love The Observer, incredible art! My NFT username is lordwinty.

Thank you for sharing this with the Hive!

Thank you and good luck! 💕

I'll pick one NFT from @brunonacif and one from you Barbara, and each of you pick one of mine, and we transfer them to each other, and we're responsible for giving away that artwork.

I would do that with you two.

Public sort of thing -- Twitter + Peakd + Video.

Full promotional outreach for the other person's work.

Right now we are giving away these two works. Maybe at another time we can do something different like what you propose.

Great giveaway! I'm @aemile-kh in NFTshowroom. I'm new here and I'm not sure is my vote has counted or not. "The observer" is fantastic

You are in! Good luck! 💕

I like both of them a lot, but if i can only choose one, I am going to have to say "The Observer"..I love that drawing style. Thanks for doing this! Do I have to do something on twitter also? i got a bit confused. my NFT username is stellabelle

You did it perfect and of course I know your name in nftshowroom :)) I also choose the observer! Good luck and thanks for participating!