SOME CHAOTIC OLD LIGHTS (A Trippy Thursday post)

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Visiting the old folders can be a surprisingly fun and rewarding activity. Sometimes. Especially if the day is dull and rainy, with no outdoor appeal whatsoever.


This time I stumbled upon some really ancient, more than forgotten stuff.


The year was 2010.


29th March 2010, was the exact date - God bless the JPEG metadata that can enable someone like me to write a sentence like this.


It seems that I was driving through the night and playing with long exposures. On this photograph, ad example, you can recognize some traffic signs among the abstract, flaming scribbles ... after a bit of exploring.


Here the signs are more recognizable.


Creating this shiny chaos must have been fun ... I guess. And not too hard. Yes, definitely not much effort was required. It was just about waving the camera and see what will happen. But I like the results. :) You can see a universe, and multiverse, and who knows what else in a quick, chaotic scribble.


It looks a bit like Christmas, too.


This one looks like it could mean something. A secret message written in some alien alphabet.


I have a few more pictures to show ...


... but I don't know what else can I say.


So that's it ...


... as always in these posts on HIVE, the photographs are my work - THE END.


The message says: "Don't play with fire!" :D

Yay! 🤗
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What is so interesting about this to me is that these pictures resemble what my fractal art program often does with color ... there is a randomness to it, but within that, the make and function of what you can do with your hand and arm applies a sort of strange patterning to it ... there is an incredible balance, if you will, in this beauty ...

Hi @borjan,The one you say could be an alien alphabet, I see it as those gadgets in the movies when someone is dying, the heartbeat, well, it could be the heart of an alien :)

This alien like alphabet ray are looking awesome. You have captured all the photograph beautyfully

Wow wow just amazing 🤩🤩

Beautiful ❤️