Some Julia Fan Art and a Prayer to the Alien Queen

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Julia gif.gif

All hail to the alien queen-
come to bless us lesser beings.

Here she dwells in her natural state,
weaving the lines of chaos and fate.

Holding our realities in suspension;
Breathing life through every dimension.

Flexing and warping the very fabric-
of all our charades, joyous and tragic.

Seeing beyond every wall and corner,
existence itself can only adorn her.

Bow we now our humble heads,
both in reverence and in dread.

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Good to see you, Clay. Awesome poem to the alien queen. I love the art, too.

Long live the Alien Queen 👽

May she probe us all in good time!

Hello @clayboyn. Nice. I love the array of colors. The image actually feels as though it's breathing as you can see the heavy breaths with the small mouth open and close. Then the chest heaves.

Lovely. Thanks for sharing.

bows head

The color choices are wonderful especially the turquoise one (a personal fav color of mine).

Halloween isn't here yet but we need more alien spookiness.

Qs for you: what software did you use to make this? I can make out several different face shapes 😯 from this art work

This is actually a combination of things: fractals, gan, and then I animated it in PhotoMosh. The still image was alright, but if you get good with PhotoMosh or other apps you can animate things to make them have a sort of 3D appearance and I've been playing with that a bit lately. I also like to play with Pixel art and if I ever get a drawing tablet I'll probably do more hand drawn doodles and stuff.

Thank you for your response! I am totally new to fractals. I hesrd about it few weeks ago actually but it is something I am interested in looking into. As for pixelated art, I started in late August this year and it can be quite fun but shading can be annoying on bigger canvases (atleast for me it was tedious). I am currently in the pursuit of getting a tablet as well to make the workflow easier.

I have heard a lot of positive things about Aseprite as a solid choice for making pixelated art but I personally did not use that.

Pixel Studio is pretty good, can cloud save between tablets/phones/pc etc. The canvas size is a bit limited, but other than that you can do a lot with it and it works well for multiple devices.

🙌 to our Overlord and to your art :)