Part 1: Awakening

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wed keyshot RENDER 4.jpg

This is the illustration for the first keyscene of the story.

Story setting

One fateful day, Ying found herself unable to wake up. Her best friend Qi Yun revealed to her that she had lost 3/4 of her soul, which had been taken by a mysterious entity. Determined to save her friend, Qi Yun sought the help of a monk. However, in a twist of fate, the monk allowed a demon named Shirou to possess Ying's body and bring her back to life.(part1)

As a result of the possession, Ying turned into a monster, but she still retained some of her memories. (part2)

Qi Yun knew that he had to defeat the monster and save his friend. With great courage and determination, he fought against the Shirou, using all of his strength and energy to defeat it.(part3)

Finally, the monster was pulled out from Ying's body, and she was safe once again. However, Qi Yun had sacrificed his own life energy to lock the monster away. As he lay dying in Ying's arms, she realized the true extent of his love for her. She wept bitterly as she watched the light slowly fade from his eyes, knowing that she would never forget the heroic sacrifice he had made for her.(part4)



Artistic Inspiration:

I drew inspiration from ZeenChin’s evocative style, capturing the tension between life and loss. ZeenChin’s mastery of light and shadow guided my approach, emphasizing the eerie atmosphere and emotional depth.

Remember, this is just the beginning scene for the story. Stay tuned for the next post of Ying and Qi Yun’s journey. 🌟

Hardware:Wacom intous


I got caught up in this beginning of the story! ❤️Además of the illustration! Every detail is like being very present in the scene. I'm looking forward to the next chapter 🧐.

wow amazing artwork thanks a lot for sharing, keep up the good work.

!giphy wow

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Beautiful and well detailed work, I'm glad the demon was taken out so she could feel her true self again. Welldone

Excellent work and interesting start to the story!

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