Albert Einstein (horror sketch volume ii)

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Holla Amigo's
I brought to you a high based "AlBERT EINSTEIN" artpiece in a horror view.
A perfect character which suits the likes of some horror or zombie movies like "THE WALKING DEAD, "ZOMBIE BREAKOUT, "DRACULA and so on.
To bothress more on this dude, he's a science and physics genius, A motivational speaker, he's known for all this good qualities all over the world up till date. A legend"
I Made the artpiece on a white cardboard paper with a black ballpoint pen, using a Cross hatch shading to bring the life out of it.
Here are some progress shot below:

Thanks for stopping by to check my Post
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Thanks all @danartworld.


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heyy, i love that draw, so dark, i have'nt post mines because i dont really know what to say, keep doing that, it's good