Creating more designs and things for Holiday sales & How long does an NFT take to upload?


I'm continuing along my busy schedule getting more things up on things for the holiday season. I'm running later, surely, but the studio has been a busy workplace of late.

I may have shared this little fellow before and here is his chum, the hedgehog


I made this pair, they are two separate pieces , with their wedgwood cups a while back. I offered them as a download at one point when I was considering trying the digital download world of Etsy, it's still on the backburner, but not off the list.

I decided, being in my usual "I want to make more repeat pattern" moods the other day, to take this pair, remove their background (thank Heaven for layers) and play with them a bit on a random pattern I was scribbling.


I simply turned our little hedgehog the opposite direction as I felt with the pair of them it was more please to have them facing differently. It's a fun little project and always looks good on things like:

image (36).png

Like Placemats and Wrapping paper (I know I love a theme for wrapping Christmas gifts and often my theme includes animals)

image (37).png

Bedding and the like.

Now concerning NFT...I've not uploaded one in a few years and it must have been easier back then. I finishing my animated NFT 2 days ago and I am STILL waiting for it to upload on Makersplace...I'm also concerned that it is NOT uploading the MP4 file , as I can see the image I gave as a place holder for one of the images IN the animation and am worried it's simply uploading it as a still image...

Then I figured I'd now have a go on #NFTshowroom and so I went to join the Discord and it says my email already exists, yet I cannot find it in my list in discord and when I try to go and chat there it says "I have to acknowledge my email" which I must have done years ago and so here I am at a standstill...

These are the things and times that make me want to retreat to my studio and unplug all the power and mix some paints in oil and paint by candlelight, the recluse artist. Yet, I know living on line is how we must all be, but IT is very frustrating.

SO, if anyone who reads this is ON nftshowroom discord, I'd love some help as I wanted to chat there to better understand how to put up a few pieces on the NFT showroom... And I suppose if I want to see my artwork on Makersplace I have to pay the $60 dollars worth of Ethereum? Oh heavens...For an Unplugged Christmas, eh?

Well ,I hope you enjoyed my little pattern making with creatures and do forgive my rant, but if anyone CAN help me with nftshowrooms discord do let me know :) Until next post remember, Stay creative!

 6 months ago  

Screen Shot 2021-11-19 at 2.17.15 PM.png

Hmm I checked on the NFT SHowroom server and it says you are a member there, we moved to a community based discord to try to curb spam/scammer bots so it may be that you do not have your e-mail verified on discord? Or maybe it's possible if you can't find it on your list that you put the server into a folder, I will tag you there let me know if you get a notification, otherwise if you have any questions about uploading let me know. I have done a video tutorial on tokenizing and it's fairly straight forward, you can find it in the artist guide:

Thank you so much Maybe I should check the list in discord again? I'll also check our your tutorial link, thank you so much, I love our community.

I used the search option in Discord for NFTshowroom and nothing shows up. Could you give me a link Here directly to it IN discord? Maybe that will do it? So odd. I'm determined however :)

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This one is really fun! I love the look you have going. Your style is pretty unique. =)