Painting for #trippythursday

Hey guys!
I am super new on here and just working everything out!!! I saw a number of posts using the tag #trippythursday and I figured if thats something you do each week then oh my gosh I will be posting using it each Thursday!!!

I decided to share this artwork first! There is a place in Australia called Byron Bay, its a super hippy/bohemian town in northern NSW. It use to be reallllllyy chilled and hippyish, picture a bunch of surfers living in their vans year round. Now it has become a little more touristy, but apparently still amazing. (I am yet to visit... I worry if I do I wont leave!!!!)

Anyway, I noticed a lot of people buying my hand painted jackets to wear on their holiday to Byron Bay. So, I decided I would paint the most trippy/hippy thing I could think of in that moment... it needed some shroomy beauties, crystals and AN EYE of course!

This is what came out....

FullSizeRender (1).jpg

Oh and guess what? It sold to a customer bought it to wear on her holiday to Byron Bay!!! ;)



loving the artwork!

Thank you so much! Your work is awesome!

Welcome to HIVE, once again, and thanks for sharing your art here with us in the community! Trippy Thursday has had some cool artwork come from that initiative! Super cool that you sold your art here. I like how the white splotches aren't limited to the mushrooms. Keep up the great work.

Thanks so so much for your kind words and comments! Thanks! The splatters at the end always make it feel "finished" to me- hence why I do it alot!

Looks really cool!

Oh thanks! And thank you so much for re-blogging this, it's truly so appreciated!

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This is so beautiful

Oh thank you so so much!