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Digital Art

I used my canvas to release all the hatred inside...
...and now she's staring back at me.

This was on sale on Knownorigin for 0.3 Eth ($72.73) and was sold to Kino.eth 2 hours after! This is my fastest sale so far lol.

I'm always glad to have new followers in the space and new collectors too. I'm fairly new both in the cryptoart space and in art industry in general so I'm grateful for someone appreciating my works even though my style jumps from time to time cos I get bored easily (even though most of the time I really like them).

Anyway, thought you might like to see some stills from this GIF:




Thanks for all the support!


Some stillness or the still version from the GIF made me see some details I couldn't originally. But my goodness! This is beautiful, I love the fire from the eye and honestly I like how you always personalise all of your work, it creates this certain uniformity and peculiarities to you art.

And 72$? Thats definitely cool, so no you no longer have ownership of it or still hold a little ownership of it?

Thank you <3 Sometimes I like the still version too haha I should create a still one sometimes!

Yeah, so cool! Based on my understanding, I still own the rights (copyright) to it since I'm the one who created it but think of it as selling an actual painting. You don't own it anymore once you sell it since it's not in your hands. So the collector/owner can sell it in the future if he wants to. The amazing thing about digital art tokenized on the blockchain is that once you decided you're gonna tokenize 5 editions, there should only be 5 editions of it and nothing more forever.

Selling digital works in the traditional market is hard since the artist can just reproduce copies of it (if the artist says it's limited edition and if he's not honest enough) but on the blockchain, you can track who the owners are (they are transferred to their wallets once bought) and how much exactly are the number of copies. I don't want to go deep into the technical aspects since I'd rather spend time creating haha but that's what I understood, so far. :D

Awesome, thanks for the explanation, I didn't really know the process of ownership when it comes to digital art. I believe that irrespective of how it's sold and resold, it won't change the fact that you're the artist behind the work and that's really explanatory.
Well you seem to me like a honest artist and your customers will exactly see utmost honesty just by patronising you. Wow thanks for taking the time to explain the process

The thing that I really learned from making art is to just be honest with your work. I'm glad I followed that advice and didn't follow what the others like just for sales.

Outstanding work...i love it too much...And i also congrats you for the fastest sale...

Have a great day..

Thank you! It was history :D

That's a deep one!

I love going deep! ;)

Oh wow looks so radioactive. In a good way☢️😂 How do you make these gif versions of these paintings?

Thank you! I first thought of making it Medusa but figured I don't want to paint snakes in hair lol. The green looks so venomous :D There's this animation feature in Photoshop that you can do frame by frame. So yeah that gif has 6 frames I think, and I adjusted the speed for it to be ultra fast lol. It's easy once you get the hang of it.

I watched on Youtube, very interesting! By the way, I saw that makersplace is invite only😔 And I have no discord to get any code. How can I make an account there though? Would love to put my art there.

Oh here is an invite link you need to fill out. It would be useful to have a Discord too so you can interact with other artists.

Uuu girl you rock! Thanks, I will fill it in and set my way to joining this community. Thank you, I appreciate this😊

Beautiful princess art, I really liked it.

Congratulations on your sale, I hope you continue to do very well kisses💋❤️

Nice GIF animation! It really amplifies the mood of the piece. 🖤 Rad work

Yikes -- that is a stunning portrayal of wrath in the feminine ... the fear of billions ...

Thank you! <3

You are shooting !!! :) cheers! always great digital drawings. and moving work. I also try digital drawings every day! Maybe someday I will do so well. I am sending love.

Thank you! For sure you will and I can already see you are doing well. Just enjoy it for now and you'll notice the big difference one day haha. Thanks for the love :D