Tokenized Art on NFT Showroom: lost

in Alien Art Hive2 years ago

In the Darkness ... again.
I haven't tokenized any art in a loooong time. I have a tons of art just sitting around on my computer ... lonely ... waiting to be seen I suppose.
But I'm in the darkness again and effort requires light and energy otherwise it's an overwhelming and soul crushing task. Sorry, depression is hard to explain ... and even harder to experience.
Also, I quit smoking which is supposed to be good, but all I feel from doing so is ... depressed lol.
On paper, all is well ... but my brain hates me ... runs in the family ... it is what it is ... I just keep pushing through the darkness to get to the light.

This piece is tokenized on NFT Showroom and is part of my collection: Haunted Spaces

You can view the High-Quality Image Here

You can view all my pieces Here


Hey you can be depressed all you want, but don't forget we fucking love you! 🤗

Thank you
Jeffy loves you too

Glad to see you back in the Showroom!

I love your write up on the piece !! You’re a deep thinker!!

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