I finally finished a new digital painting, and has gone back to some of my favourite motives which are from pre-Abrahamic mythology. Inanna, later in the Babylonian epoch known as Ishtar, was an ancient Mesopotamian goddess associated with love, beauty, sex, war, justice, and political power. Her symbol was the eight-pointed star as can be seen on the top of the wand in her left hand.




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She looks mean. I don't think gods are meant to be messed with. They demand respect.


Goddess of the fearsome divine powers, clad in terror, riding on the great divine powers, Inanna, made complete by the strength of the holy ankar weapon, drenched in blood, rushing into great battles....

From a text where she destroys the mountain of Ebih that does not show her respect :)

those are some child bearing hips encompassing luscious lips

Oh yea.. 0:50


Striking @katharsisdrill
One wonders, is she holding a vast statue nabbed from a town square or is it a diminutive statue and she stands in the tall grass of a quiet front lawn, God's are known to not consider size tantamount to power.
Really lovely.

I think she could be any size, that is true. In these oldest of days Sin, the moon God, was a male and the father of Inanna and the sun God Uru. I gave her the burning figurine to show this relationship. Later the moon was seen as feminine in most cultures.

Dude, her role in Gilgamesh is pretty epic. His nonchalant decline of her 'advances' was an epic of legend in and of itself! hahaha Great motif here and i love her hips. I'm surprised but also not that her breasts aren't nearly as 'fertile' looking as her ancient depictions. Great flare putting your style into this piece! Thanks for sharing it here with us in the community.

A very diverse Goddess, but also ancient and worshipped for such a long time under different names. But yes, almost always seen holding some perfect breasts. Artistic freedom I guess :) Having a goddess that both takes care of beauty, sex and war always fascinated me as they seem to be rather different fields. But somehow I also see the mystical connection. I read a new Danish translation of Gilgamesh recently and there she is tease (and angry when it doesn't come to fruition). In other texts which was more the inspiration for this one she is martial, and when she enters the realm of the dead she is defeated and vulnerable.

Yes, it's quite funny. Her reputation preceded her by the time she got the hots for Gilgamesh. Hahaha I also have found it to be strange that any fertility god or goddess would also be a war god/goddess. Seems like life and death are inseparable but that you would reside over one or the other and not necessarily both. I did a study on Innana and Ishtar and Ashteroth etc. It's pretty fascinating to see the differences as well as the syncretisms.


Yes, exactly. Reminds me of this...

I just found this looking for my response... and i am pleasantly surprised at how fitting it is, in more ways than one! hahaha

Hoho, that's footage from one of my favourite films, Evil Dead II

Yes, i think it even spliced in some from part one as well! =)

Yep, noticed that, but wouldn't confuse the reply

Damn! Nudity is always powerful in art form. It's us in all our glory...

Here for this goddess tho! She looks feisty in a very good way 😌

I often see these ancient deities as nude - to me it is more powerful, closer to the essence. Inanna was worshipped in different forms for more than 5000 years so there's lots of essence in her :) The feisty, wild aspect of womanhood is all too often suppressed in art and thought, but in everyday life I think it is what you will most often encounter - in your poetry for one :)